God of War developers insult Xbox fans and blame Starfield for Phil Spencer

The Starfield-Bethesda game was delayed long before Phil Spencer appeared (Photo: Microsoft).

Frame rate In a bizarre online rant, former God of War director David Jaffe blamed poor management for Bethesda’s Starfield delay.

Unfortunately, few will be surprised by the news of Bethesda’s new sci-fi game. Starfield has been postponed from this Christmas until sometime in the first half of next year.

Bethesda’s games (in fact, most games at the moment) are often delayed at least once, but the development of the former Sony, best known for helping create the Twisted Metal and God of War franchises. David Jaffe is particularly blaming the Xbox boss Phil Spencer.

Jaffe reiterates the general concern that Microsoft is having a hard time getting too many developers quickly and integrating them into the structure of the company to manage the release schedule. YouTube rants start well.

As GameCentral readers recently pointed out, Spencer has been on the Xbox for eight years, with relatively few first-party titles acclaimed by critics at the time, and many still struggling with development issues. increase.

Jaffe is particularly dissatisfied with Halo Infinite, which is certainly a source of frustration for fans, claiming that Spencer takes too much responsibility and does it “in his own way.”

It’s unclear how much routine control Spencer has over individual projects, but Jaffe describes him as “foresight” to start the game pass, but in the video. By the end of the game, Spencer claims to “suck” and begins to insult Xbox fans as well.

After all, it’s impossible to agree with what Jaffe is saying. Especially when Spencer started talking about how angry he was at blocking him on Twitter.

As a result, Jaffe certainly looks the worst, even if it highlights concerns about how Microsoft manages an increasingly cumbersome number of first-party studios.

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God Of War creator insults Xbox fans and blames Phil Spencer for Starfield delay

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