God of War: What is the highest difficulty setting?

That said, keep in mind that this is basically not equivalent to similar modes in other games. Make invincible.. This mode is specially designed to make the combat section much easier, but you can die during play and at some point you need to understand the basic combat mechanics.

God of War: “Have a balanced experience” is basically a normal mode with two twists

Again, the name type gives this, but “Give Me a Balanced Experience” God of WarIs a version of “normal mode” and is generally considered to be the “intended” way to play the game for those looking for a bit more challenge (although on that subject). There is some debate, but a little).

This mode is much more vulnerable than “Give Me a Story”, but the big twist here is that you need to pay a little more attention to resources and upgrades when playing with this setting. .. If that’s another part of the game and you don’t want to deal with it at all, consider reducing the difficulty by one level.

God of War: “Give Me A Challenge” is aimed at veterans of God of War and a second playthrough.

Yes, this is definitely where we enter the “difficult” realm. Ideally, this is the mode you choose if you think you are. God of War I’m a veteran, but this is God of War It’s so different from its predecessor that it’s often considered the ideal second playthrough setting. The basic enemies in this mode boast a huge health pool and are extremely powerful, but boss battles actually push you to the limit (in some cases, far beyond the limit).

As mentioned above, another thing to consider when playing in this mode is that you have to spend quite a lot of time retrieving resources and managing upgrades.While playing in this setting, you may have enough mechanical talent to destroy the grinder elements of the game, but this is certainly a difficulty that will start to understand how important you are. It is a setting of the degree God of WarThe RPG element of is really so.

God of War: “Give Me God of War” is an absolute nightmare, a nightmare like never before.

I can’t exaggerate how difficult it is to set up “Give Me God of War”. The basic enemy is basically a boss battle, which takes hours (probably days) to overcome. Because it depends on resources, it basically requires 100% of the game to get all possible upgrades and raise odds. Survive.

God of War: What is the highest difficulty setting?

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