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Godfall may have been the first game to be announced on the PlayStation 5, but it seems that it has abandoned its leading position as a pioneer in the sideline seats as it approaches the launch of Sony’s latest console.

Despite some obvious traps in online titles, this “predator” from Counterplay Games and Gearbox Software Absent A multiplayer live service game similar to Destiny, Marvel’s Avengers, or Anthem. We rely on playable content because we have the chance to run the same gauntlet over and over to get better loot and higher gear stats, but Godfall is mostly from what we play. An action heavy RPG built around the solo mission of. So far.

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The story here is rather thin and summarized in the competition between two powerful warriors. Losing the wolf’s head macro, you have to regain power and seek him out before he can’t stop.

You can interact with other characters in Godfall, but there’s a very small support cast here, most of the time to fill the game’s hub world with vendors and quest providers. Counterplay tried to create some folklore, at least for the game’s settings, but it’s not very interesting and feels like a filler.

Your base of operations looks like a fantasy Batcave. Its main portal is surrounded by a arsenal of Valor Plates. Thick metal suits, each with a variety of perks and abilities. Even if you have only two human-looking bodies, the design is pretty imaginative, but arguably the most important part of the loadout is the Godfall weapon.

Godfall touts a total of five weapon classes, and it doesn’t take long to try them all. These include longswords, polearms, warhammers, greatswords and dual blades, each with its own move set. Except for the individual “weapon technique” attacks, there isn’t much difference, and the basic actions such as blocking and avoiding are the same.

This game straddles the line between basic hack and slash and more sophisticated ones. Explore the open areas of Godfall and perform your objectives, rushing to dispatch enemy patrols and larger bosses with mild, severe, and special attacks. However, as the enemy bites back, it’s easy to see that avoiding and catching color-coded blows is just as important as unleashing your onslaught.

If you need to compare Godfall to one game in particular, it will be the 2018 God of War. The battle is burdensome and the close-up camera angle means you have to rely on flashing indicators to avoid off-screen attacks.

Really, the similarities end there. Outside of combat, Godfall fits better with typical run-based loot games. When you enthusiastically pursue the best weapons and equipment for the Valorian Knight, chasing macros quickly becomes a secondary goal.

Godfall doesn’t have the most exciting loot system I’ve ever encountered, but it has managed to collect steady churn of items for players to sift and rescue. The advantage of weapons that have much in common is that you can easily switch between the five without having to completely relearn how to fight. As the rarity increases, the list of better DPS and perks that can change your combat playstyle will grow.

There are still many Godfalls to play before passing the final verdict. What we’ve seen so far is a serviceable action RPG that can enhance your gear as you reach its endgame and its multiplayer elements. However, in this early stage, Godfall feels like a smaller god in the PS5 release title Pantheon, although some fans of the genre still worship it.

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Godfall Review in Progress

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