Godmother Review: The New Disney Plus Movie Is Anti-Magic

If God Mother — While a woman living in a fairy tale world is suddenly brought to our gritty reality and her whimsical attitude clashes with the way modern people work, she magically puts a spell on the life of a tired single parent. I’m trying to blow. , It’s 2007 Enchanted I did almost the same thing.

But, God Mother It’s a bit clunky, not as magical, but it has its own weird charm of being like the foil of Amy Adams’ live-action princess movie. Instead of being treated as a fairy tale, fairy tales learn a little from real life. The result is a movie that crosses Disney’s metaphors, but actually realizes dismantling them.

[Ed. note: This review contains minor spoilers for Godmothered]

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Disney + original, Bridget Jones’s Diary Director Sharon Maguire follows a training godfather of a fairy named Eleanor (Jillian Bell) who lives in a magical realm known as his homeland. Godmother is out of fashion, so Eleanor travels to Boston following a letter written by a little girl to prove that the world still needs a fairy Godmother. She’s a little late, but the girl who wrote the letter, Mackenzie, has become a single mother (Isla Fisher) who is obsessed with local news work that stirs romance and clickbait. But Eleanor is determined to bring magic into Mackenzie’s life, so she can find her “happy” and prove that the Fairy Godmother is still worth it.

at first, God Mother Plays like a straight-up reboot of Enchanted.. Eleanor is a cheerful underwater fish wandering Boston in a fluffy ball gown, observing similar to Amy Adams’ Giselle. Eleanor believes that every car is a pumpkin turned into a carriage, should be driven by a mouse, and the strange man on the street is secretly a prince. At first, every ginger out of Eleanor’s mouth sounds like a rehashed joke about Disney’s fairy tale canon — Isn’t it so Is it strange that real life is not like a fairy tale?

God Mother Ultimately, you’ll find your own spin in the joke by talking to a fresher theme.Unlike EnchantedGisele’s magical singing voice and command of adorable city creatures captivated even the coldest divorced. Eleanor is not charismatic. She is awkward and overwhelming. Even if she tries her hand with a little magic, it flattens. She tries to recall a ball gown for Mackenzie, which ends up in a huge sleeping bag. When she magically refurbishes Mackenzie’s house, it looks like the flashy interior of the Medieval Times. It’s not just that Eleanor isn’t very good at becoming a fairy godfather. It also means that what Mackenzie needs, her idea of ​​making her happy by shacking up with a hot guy, is a bit outdated.

Eleanor, Mackenzie and Mackenzie's children

Photo: KC Bailey

Still, Eleanor finds ways to bring happiness to the real world, and Magwire captures this by focusing on the moments when Eleanor improves real life, rather than coming up with magical solutions. One of the movie’s most adorable sequences happens when Eleanor takes Mackenzie’s daughter to the park. The oldest Jane (Jillian Shay Spader) has a chance to appear in a school show choir, but her crippled stage horror prevents her from taking a solo. Therefore, Eleanor considers a few performances to be the solution.She starts singing in the park, which may immediately remind the scene Enchanted Gisele beautifully serenades the entire Central Park with the original song and everyone participates (the Cupatrick Dempsey character makes a cheeky comment on why everyone knows this song).

But Eleanor’s expression of “my favorite” is … not good. In fact, she’s so terrible that she attracts the boos of unruly teenage boys, but her brave attitude attracts and engages some passers-by. Jane managed to keep the song, but the chorus of the participants doesn’t turn into a magically melodic ensemble. Instead, it’s clunky and out of tune — but it feels attractive and realistic. Jane is confident in a heartwarming moment. It’s especially special because of the lack of magic (apart from snowing the booing boy).

on the other hand Enchanted Focusing on bringing the magic of fairy tales to everyday life, God Mother Find its originality by doing the opposite: Finally, it’s about how fairy tales can learn one or two things from real life. Remembering what brings happiness every day is more important than sticking to vague happiness. Delivery is not very smooth. The confrontation that Fairy Godmother becomes obsolete took the backseat in most of the movies, and the narration performed by a random old fairy who returned to her homeland before the final resurrection for the 11-hour showdown, The shift from seeing the movie rocking from the rest, and Eleanor of Mackenzie as annoying, to blessing is ridiculously fast. But the final fairy tale capsize is made with stable hands.

Lovingly flipping the fairy tale metaphor is Disney’s recurring theme — whether it’s true love or not. Frozen Being a sister or Emma once upon a time Save her son with a kiss — it’s not as surprising as a plot twist because it’s a satisfying solution.To God MotherThe question is, fortunately, the very concept of “afterwards.” EnchantedStill very playful with the fairy tale metaphor, as Gisele is saved with a traditional true love kiss, for all of the whimsical, fascinating and self-awareness about real-world fairy tales. God Mother Take it to another level, actually dismantling fairy tale expectations and enhancing the magic of reality.

God Mother We will arrive at Disney Plus on December 4th.

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