Gods Will Fall details pre-order bonuses and Valiant Edition, gameplay trailers

Deep Silver and Clever Beans have provided updates to the dark fantasy action game Gods Will Fall. In addition to more details on Hunter’s Head Gear pre-order bonuses, there’s a bit of news about the Valiant Edition.

Here is a complete summary:

Hunter headgear is randomly assigned for each new game playthrough. The thrill of hunting runs through the blood of the clan, and the confiscated trophies are proudly worn and displayed for everyone’s attention. Five exclusive beast skins, wolf, bear, boar, fox and badger, are suitable for any warrior to wear and serve to warn the gods that hunting is actually taking place. ..

In addition to the standard version of Gods Will Fall, fans can also pre-order the Valiant Edition to receive Hunter’s Head Gear and the Valley of the Dormant Gods DLC. Details of Valiant Edition below:

– Three new gods – Enter and fight in the realm of three new hell gods. Each of these unknown hellish landscapes, inhabited by the abominable herds of minions, will be a tough test for your energy.
– New Weapon Class – Play as two new barbaric warrior types. Each has its own combat style that deals with death.
– New Items – New equipment and equipment swoops to help clans fight and turn the tide of war.
– New Skills – A new melee attack method to further expand the warrior’s combat system and ensure that the right champion is selected for future combat.
– Overworld Extras – As you cross the tranquil Overworld, look away and uncover hidden secrets in the tranquil landscape.
– Warriors Garb – Wear the best outfits and headgear ready for battle to increase your swagger as you enter the battle.

The new gameplay trailer for Gods Will Fall is shown below.

Gods Will Fall will be available on Switch on January 29th as an e-shop download.

Source: Deep Silver PR

Gods Will Fall details pre-order bonus and Valiant Edition, gameplay trailer

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