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After Conor McGregor suffered a devastating defeat to Dustin Poirier, his coach and several others sought a championship, trilogy battle. Well, since then Justin Gaethje He tells us that if that happens, he won’t be very happy.

So much, the candidate said he would consider leaving the UFC.

Gaethje says Poirier-seekers-McGregor’s title battle is “stupid”

McGregor faced Poirier at UFC 257 last weekend, finishing in the previous interim title in the second round. Up to the match, there was extensive talk about the winners going into the title battle.

Dana White made it very clear that if McGregor wins, Khabib Nurmagomedov wants to end his retirement and confront his rivals. But even before Connor was taken away, Habib reiterated that he wasn’t thinking of fighting again.

Well, he says he wants to fight Poirier for the third time since McGregor’s defeat. After all, both men are now winning each other. Not only that, some observers and fans want rubber matches for lightweight crowns. Includes Connor’s coach, John Cabana.

Gaethje recently ESPN, And while discussing the idea that Poirier-McGregor III should be for the belt, he said this ( MMA junkie).

“I think he’s an elite fighter. Did they rank him 6th? I think he should be ahead of Tony (Ferguson) in the rankings.

But when he comes out and wants the next title shot, a rematch with Poirier, and his coach, they’re (swearing) idiots.

He has been treated specially over and over again and has not taken advantage of this opportunity. The event was for him.

The event is for him to win and he now wants to be Mr. Humble, but if he wins the fight he will be (swearing).

“So I don’t feel bad about him. I’m happy with Poirier. I’m glad Poirier went out there to work and finish him.

I love to see the loud mouse knocked out. There is nothing that makes me happy.

It was great to see some of the (curse) put in place. I liked it. “

And ridiculous and dangerous fighters also said this.

“I don’t think he’ll ever fight in the UFC if he fights for the title again,” Gaethje said. “It would be ridiculous.

For one thing, he sits at number six, winning one battle in his life at lightweight and choosing who to fight.

So I don’t respect him that way.


From a meritocracy point of view, even the biggest McGregor supporters will have a hard time making a case where the star deserves to fight for the belt.

After all, McGregor has recorded only one win since 2016, against the welterweight Donald Cerrone. Meanwhile, Charles Oliveira has won eight straight games, overwhelmingly beating Tony Ferguson.

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Goethe considers leaving the UFC if McGregor wins the title shot Goethe considers leaving the UFC if McGregor wins the title shot

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