GOG cancels Devotion release just hours after announcement

There was a moment of hope in dedication, but it was only a moment.

dedication I’ve been living a complicated life since it was released in February last year. This game is, after Xi Jinping Jintao of China was found to contain a meme as Winnie the Pooh, is famous that it has been removed from Steam. Chinese censors were very strict about images suggesting that the president and Disney characters are similar.

The game was bombed by Chinese players and maliciously reviewed, and finally Taiwanese developer Red Candle Games apologized for the incident before the game mysteriously disappeared from Valve’s storefront. Did. Red Candle said this was due to a technical issue. It never came back.

Last July, the Chinese publisher of games, Indievent, lost its license from the Chinese government, probably due directly to the incident. The game was physically released in Taiwan earlier this year, but is out of reach for many international players.

When it was announced that Devotion was coming to GOG, the storefront of CD Projekts, it seemed that it might change today. Developer Red Candle tweeted:

But this hope was short-lived. Apparently just hours after the announcement, GOG has announced that it has returned to the decision to sell the game due to anger from “gamers.”

It is not clear where and how this repulsion came from or how it emerged. But whatever happened, it seemed to be a reaction big enough to give GOG a cool attitude about the release.

It’s a sad story for this game, which has been well received by critics. Horror has collected great reviews on its release, and it’s a shame that many players, especially those looking for good horror, haven’t been able to buy the game for a long time.

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GOG cancels Devotion’s release just hours after annoucement

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