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Goldberg appeared today in Corey Graves’ After The Bell podcast, revealing that he had bitten his tongue hard with a low when he stabbed The Miz with a spear.

“I give something else to the person I hate and talk to me. Last night I was about to bite my tongue with The Miz’s spear.”

He also agreed Undertaker’s critical remarks about the WWE locker room that offended Xavier Woods..

“What if I come back and hear the comment that I play one or two games a year? How do you know what people were doing; he doesn’t deserve it. He pays the membership fee. I’ve never paid, I’ve never been on the road, and these people are on the road. Humans quickly forget what we all did that day, so I’m now I won the place. I am one of the luckiest people in the world.

Yes i believe relatively [to my era that] Business is soft. But since the business is in 2021, we need to change the situation and change the situation. [We had] Mega superstars bigger than life, but in this generation it seems difficult to build those people. There are couples who have accomplished it beyond relying on the masses to do it, and they have forced their way, and they have gained their position. Drew McIntyre is one of them. “

When I first talked to Drew, do I mainly think? I was talking to the changing room. So I was talking to everyone. And he’s a leader, right? So you have to go to the leader and make sure everything is taken care of in the right way.

So, as I said, the times are quite different, but people are soft. People get angry with things too quickly, that is, boys and girls, grow a little thicker skin, that’s all I can say. ” Goldberg also revealed why he didn’t wrestle with Steve Austin.

– WWE Sports

Goldberg gets injured during the fight against Ms Goldberg gets injured during the fight against Ms

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