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Conor McGregor surprised fans with the UFC 257 knocked out by Dustin Poirier in the second round last night, but not surprisingly former WWE and WCW World Champion Bill Goldberg. Goldberg cheered McGregor and said, “Let’s go to @ DustinPoirier # UFC257,” in response to Poirier’s tweet before the fight. After the fight, he said, “As I said ….. @ Dustin Poirier is a man 🙏”.

Becky Lynch is on the other side of Goldberg and wrote before the battle: @thenotoriousmma x @rootsoffight

All benefits benefit the Children’s Health Foundation Clamlin, which supports the health of Irish children. “

Shane “Hurricane” Helms tweeted. “Connor didn’t look hungry tonight. Dustin did. Sometimes a” good life “takes the edge. “

“People who don’t know the fight always want to say,’It’s a leg kick,'” said Sheena Basler, but @ Dustin Poirier shows how to cut down trees # UFC257.

“One of Connor’s greatest strengths is footwork. Flattening the tires can make even the fastest race cars immobile. # UFC257.”

Sheamus said Digital spy He expected McGregor to come to WWE like his previous opponent, Floyd Mayweather. [coming to WWE] Several times. He’s still active, a young man with a belt, and he’s done a lot, so I think he’s the type of person who’s always trying different things.

“I think WWE is perfect for him. A lot of people came and went, [Floyd] Mayweather came, many celebrities came, many athletes came. So I don’t think anyone will raise their eyebrows when they come to WWE. I’m afraid not. I think it’s a matter of when to be honest. “

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Goldberg wanted Conor McGregor to lose the fight Goldberg wanted Conor McGregor to lose the fight

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