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San Francisco – Golden State Warriors forward Draymond green Set your career high and win a triple-double with 19 assists. 130-121 wins over- Charlotte hornets On friday night.

The veteran leader’s overall performance was a bit sweeter as Green left the team in the last few seconds and apologized to his teammates after the match for a win over the same team that defeated the Warriors within a week.

“Revenge games will be a little difficult,” Green said. “I think I’m the only one who has played and answered correctly. I’m trying to do whatever this team can do to win. I can’t forget what happened last week, so I don’t call it a revenge game.”

Thirty-year-old Green was responsible for the emotional outburst when he lost to the Hornets last Saturday and told reporters Monday that he felt disappointed with his teammates. Warriors coach Steve Kerr said Green “crossed the line” shortly after the meltdown, but both Car and Green’s teammates would take the opportunity to stand up and perform at a higher level. I was convinced.

Since his defeat in Charlotte, Green has combined 30 points, 42 assists and 30 rebounds to support his words and lead the Warriors to the first three consecutive wins of the season.

“That means my teammates are playing well, which means we’re getting better,” Green discussed about his career’s best assist night. “I think there was something else wasn’t seeing earlier this year, but over time, people are starting to see it. Kelly OubreIt was great to cut the ball, [Andrew Wiggins]Obviously, I can always find Steph somewhere. [James Wiseman] Come and apply that pressure to the rim. So only me and my teammates are playing well. “

Car, who has repeatedly stood by the green throughout the season, appreciated his progress in the wake of the best match of the season. When asked if the green skill set, especially the ability to defend multiple positions at a high level while performing offenses, is comparable to anyone else in the game, Carr makes the most skilled player in the league. I nominated.

“Maybe Revlon [James]”Kerr said Los Angeles Lakers Star. “When we talk about a guy who’s big enough to handle the ball, control the game, and defend his opponent, but there aren’t many players. That’s the only thing that comes to mind. And obviously, Lebron and Draymond are so diverse. There are players, but Draymond is really special in that it affects both ends and its size and brain control the game and understand everything that is happening. “

Green’s teammates are always hoping that things will improve after Saturday’s episode, and this year playing with curry and players who seem to have been better off playing with a variety of young players. Seems to be really enjoying.

“He’s just a natural leader,” Warriors swingman Oubre said of Green. “He’s a man who can do more than one thing on a basketball court. He starred in his role, he’s done it throughout his career, and it requires a lot of pride-it’s a lot of selflessness. I need the energy of, and I keep him and he keep us in our place and speed up the game, and it’s someone of his size, play 1-5 It’s very rare when someone can direct the game that way, it’s great. “

Green struggled to find the rhythm at the beginning of the season due to a combination of foot injuries and the COVID-19 protocol, kicking him out of most of the training camps and the first four games of the season. He said he felt like an old self who finally returned to the floor after doing extra work with the Warriors staff and his own personal trainer during the off-season.

“I feel great,” Green said. “I do a lot of work with Rick Celebrini every day and I’m really in good shape …. I’ve been in the best season I’ve had in a few years, and Obviously, the injury and all that, after sitting for a month, [conditioning] It gets a little annoying and tries to get my wind and everything back. … it’s all starting to get together for me. “

It’s no coincidence that everything is starting to come together for the Warriors at the same time. The group is playing the best basketball of the season, with a sharp edge every time they win.

After the victory on Friday, Mr. Kerr said, “I like the fact that no one in the locker room is so happy with how we play.” “We had some good moments and some good personal performances, but it was a wild game and a nasty game. The locker room is quiet and it’s a good sign. We win three straight games. But no one is so happy. We can play better. This is a sign that we think there’s more to come. “

The green feels the same. Warriors feel like they’re taking a good time towards the second half of the season.

“I can feel more confident,” Green said. “When we step on the floor, you feel better about it. When you enter the game, everyone understands the game plan better and runs the game plan better. So we I’m sure it’s starting to gain momentum. I’ll keep going. “

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Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green calls Big Knight “correct” after a recent meltdown Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green calls Big Knight “correct” after a recent meltdown

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