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When 156 golf stars from all over the world compete 149th opening This week at Royal St George’s, we will use our unique stainless steel water bottles to contribute to a more sustainable world. Blue water..

The Swedish water company has eliminated the need for disposable PET bottles by presenting each player with a unique personalized bottle with a name engraved on the front designed to last a lifetime.

With a leak-proof lining and an additional silicone instead of plastic for a portable loop, the player’s bottle was delivered to golfers in an eco-friendly box with a special spout designed for athletes. Blue water bottles keep water cool for 24 hours to help players rehydrate properly. If desired, you can also use the bottle to keep the hot drink warm for up to 12 hours.

Bengt Rittri, a Swedish environmental entrepreneur, said: The founder of Bluewater, sustainability is at the heart of the company’s business mission.

Bengt Rittri, founder of Bluewater

Bluewater also offers a unique water station that provides free refinement and cold water to thousands of golf fans planning to participate in the championship. Stations scattered around the Royal St. George golf course and in major public buildings utilize patented purification technology to produce mineral water as pure as nature, free of chemicals and other pollutants. Supply

The player’s caddy was also provided with a Bluewater refill bottle with the best performance with cool aesthetics and a lifetime warranty. The bottle is slightly larger than regular rounded lips, so you can easily drink it or add fruit to enhance its taste and clean it later. The eco-friendly powder coating makes it scratch-resistant, non-condensing, and non-slip.

In addition, Bluewater puts its sustainability words into action by collecting 1 kg of plastic waste from coasts around the world each time it sells Earth-friendly Bluewater bottles. This is achieved using a recycling alternative blockchain where people are paid to return plastic waste to an accredited recycling center.

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Golf Business News-Blue Water Bottle Boosts Open Ecological Credit Golf Business News-Blue Water Bottle Boosts Open Ecological Credit

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