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Callaway Launched 5 new Apex iron sets and 2 new Apex hybrids. Each of these is designed to meet the performance requirements of different types of players.

APEX iron

standard Apex 21 The replacement iron for the 2019 model (RRP £ 1,089 / 1,399 (st / gr, 3-AW)) was the first artificial intelligence-designed forged iron, designed with a playable design for distance and precision. I have. With more tungsten weights than its predecessor, it has a higher MOI, more forgiveness, a ball speed of RRP £ 1,089 / 1,399 (st / gr, 4-AW) and improved spin robustness.

The· Apex DCB Irons (RRP £ 1,089 / 1,399 (st / gr, 4-AW), claim to provide the “look, feel, performance” of a forged player club with the generosity of a deep cavity back design. Forged mild carbon steel Made with. The first game-improved iron with an AI-designed flash face cup, which improves ball speed and spin robustness.
A total of 50g of tungsten is placed on each of the long and mid irons, and the center of gravity is more forgiving with off-center shots and the most tolerant set of apex irons to date. The patented Urethane Microspheres provide excellent sound and impact, and the improved shape enhances the overall feel of the turf.

The· Apex Pro Irons (RRP £ 1,089 / 1,399 (st / gr, 3-AW) are an alternative to Apex Pro 19 irons, synonymous with tour distance and performance, and a low handicap that demands speed and forgiveness from player performance irons. Designed for players.
A flash face redesigned from scratch and a new forged hollow body construction increase ball speed and spin robustness. Urethane Microspheres provide a blend of sound and impactful feel that great players expect.
The hollow body construction contains up to 90g of tungsten, the highest ever in Apex Iron... This improves startup characteristics and at the same time improves tolerance.

The· Apex MB The 2018 replacement irons for Apex MB irons (RRP £ 1,089 / 1,399 (st / gr, 3-AW)) are designed for elite players. It offers the classic muscle back blade shape, with a thin top line, narrow sole and compact features. Blade length and chrome finish.
Precise 20V grooves promote high levels of control and consistent spin from all surfaces and reduce flyers from the rough. A new weight in the center of the club head allows you to dial in the swing weight accurately without sacrificing center of gravity.

The fifth model in the range is Apex TCB Irons ((RRP £ 1,089 / 1,399 (st / gr, 3-AW), custom-only tour-style forged cavity back. Specially designed for elite players, loft, bounce, blade length Designed for stronger iron players, with a footprint similar to the X Forged 18 Irons, with a new hollow body construction combined with a stainless steel faceplate and visible tungsten weights. I have.

APEX hybrid

Callaway launches two new Apex hybrids, the Apex 21 and Apex Pro. Both will replace the equivalent model released in 2019.

Apex 21 Hybrid (RRP £ 249)
The Apex 21 Hybrid features a new jailbreak velocity blade designed to increase vertical stiffness near the sole, slowing down on faces where players often miss the hybrid.
The blades allow the face cup to bend over the crown, increase spin rate consistency, and the bar is widened for increased torsional stiffness, making the entire face more forgiving.
All models in range use artificial intelligence to position the tungsten weights correctly, change the center of gravity to facilitate higher launches, and provide more forgiveness on off-center shots. You can also adjust the hosel to create the desired trajectory and launch control.
Available in 3 (19 °), 4 (21 °), 5 (24 °) and 6 (27 °) models, it features a UST Recoil Dirt 75g graphite shaft and a Golf Pride Soft Z Grip.

Apex Pro Hybrid (RRP £ 249)
Apex Pro is aimed at medium and low handicaps and has a compact shape for improved control and workability. Ideal for tee-off use or to reach long pars 4 and 5 on the second shot, the Pro Hybrid also features a jailbreak velocity blade, providing more consistent ball speed and spin rate, and forging. Increases the forgiveness of the entire face made 455 steel provides high strength and flexibility for extended distances. Unlike the Apex 21 hybrid, the pro model hosel is fixed and has a more iron-like look at the address.
Available in 2 (18 °) 3 (20 °), 4 (23 °) and 5 (26 °) models, it features a Mitsubishi MMT graphite shaft (70g / 80g) and a Golf Pride Z grip.

All Apex irons and hybrids will be retailed in the UK and Europe starting February 11, 2021. For more information, please visit:

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Golf Business News-Callaway Announces New Apex Irons and Hybrids Golf Business News-Callaway Announces New Apex Irons and Hybrids

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