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Karin Sharp, Chief Operating Officer, Scottish golfSaid:

“In response to today’s Prime Minister’s announcement, we wanted to provide all clubs with the information currently available, understanding that affiliated clubs need to coordinate their business operations.

“As was the case throughout the pandemic, we work with both Sports Scotland and the Scottish Government to demonstrate that golf is a sport that can be played outdoors with enhanced physical distance and safety measures. We are pleased to continue to recognize this from 00.01 on Tuesday, January 5th.

“The golf course can be left open for play by up to two players from up to two households.

“Golfers must stay close to their homes and travel for essential purposes only and in accordance with new legislation.

“We continue to seek further clarification from sportscotland and our Scottish Government partners on a wider range of aspects of the sport. More detailed guidance will be updated as more details become available. Currently 24 hours a day. We expect to be able to provide more detailed updates to all our affiliated clubs within the next minute.

Karin Sharp, COO of Scottish Golf

“Scottish Golf is a new guidance with the same spirit and integrity that was shown throughout last year so that all golf clubs and golfers can continue to enjoy the benefits of playing golf throughout this new time limit. I want to obey.

“You can keep all the latest information on Dedicated COVID-19 pages

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Golf Business News-Today’s COVID-19 Update Golf Business News-Today’s COVID-19 Update

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