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Annapurna Interactive for publishing.

The acclaimed story adventure Gone Home and Tacoma developer Fullbright have announced their latest product, Open Roads.

“A sunny autumn day,” explains Open Roads’ new Steam page. “Tess Devine and her mother Opal have found a cache of old notes and letters carefully hidden in the attic of the house. Deep-rooted family secret tips, robbers decades ago, somewhere near the Canadian border. The treasure lost in … What they revealed suggests a much darker mystery, and it’s best to leave it alone, but that doesn’t happen. “

Subsequent adventures were abandoned for a long, exciting series by 16-year-old Tess and his mother Opal (voiced by Caitlin Diver (Booksmart) and Keri Russell (American), respectively) in search of answers. Continued when exploring the property of the family. Between each destination, players can “in the mood of a classic road trip” to play with the radio and talk to their mom.

Open road teaser trailer.

As suggested in the public trailer above, everything is presented in an impressive autumn art style, blending a detailed first-person environment rendered in full 3D with hand-animated characters. ..

It hasn’t yet been announced when Open Roads will arrive, but it has appeared on PCs and consoles that are not currently designated and is published by the reliable Annapurna Interactive.


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