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Gonzalo Higuain has recently endured some difficult days. The recent death of his mother weighed heavily on his mind, and the psychological consequences of its catastrophic loss affected him in the field as much as it was off. ..

A heartfelt conversation with Phil Neville helped change the latter on Sunday.

Inter Miami defeated FC Cincinnati 3-2 on Sunday afternoon to win their second win of the season. It was Higuain that made the difference. Star Striker won a brace, including the winner in the second half, in the first match at the TQL Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio. His decisive show at the match took place a few days after he and Neville had a frank and honest discussion about what the striker was doing. Mentally after the death of Higuain’s mother last month.

“Gonzalo is suffering,” Neville said. “If you lose your parents, and if I lose, he’s suffering. I think you’ve seen it in the last few games. What a professional soccer player has in his personal life It’s easy to criticize performance in the field, even if you don’t understand what’s happening or what’s happening in your mental state.

“When a mother loses someone as important to Gonzalo and Federico, people treat it in different ways. He suffers emotionally … I have parents on Thursday and Friday. I told him how to deal with losing. As a manager, you have to have these conversations. It’s not about football. You need to help the player. “

The 33-year-old Argentine responded well to the story. Higuain not only scored two goals against FC Cincinnati, but also promised to face Chicago Fire and DC United in the next two games at Inter Miami.

The designated player started doing his word well on Sunday, scoring the third and fourth goals of the season on both sides of halftime. This was what Higuain recognized when he mentioned the ugly mid-week loss of CF Montréal on Sunday after a substandard display on Wednesday’s South Florida side.

“Mind was clearly not 100% what I had to do, but after these last two games I knew I needed to (make changes). Higuain. “I know my heavenly mother wants me to play soccer, be happy and score goals. I knew she was looking at me. She was me Wouldn’t want to be in the wrong way for her.

“I had a bad image in the last game, so I talked to the head coach and had an important chat, but I’m a human. I just go in and play soccer, and a robot that can do well after life. Not, but I had to help the team and myself get out of the situation. To be honest, I’m very happy with today’s two goals. They’re mostly with her and this moment. Dedicated to my family and daughter who support me, my brother who played, and the whole team. “

Higuain’s first goal vs FC Cincinnati in the 38th minute, made possible by a great backheal pass from his brother Federico, also marked the first play of a veteran forward. Gonzalo scored three nets in MLS last fall after arriving at Inter Miami for Sunday, but missed free kicks, penalties and headers directly in set pieces.

But more important was his second finish. Inter Miami gave up goals in the 59th and 82nd minutes, leading 2-0 after half-time, but Higuain wore a hero’s cape in another finish within the penalty area five minutes later. He immediately roared with excitement before entering a full hug with his teammates.

“I feel all the goals the same,” said Higuain, who celebrated Sunday’s strike by making an “AL” gesture with both hands as if nodding to his daughter Alma and his wife Lara. “Penalties, free kicks, execution of play, etc. are all important. If they all count as one goal and help to win, I welcome it. In this situation where I was alive I had to play a good match, score a goal and lead the team to victory. Fortunately, I had a good afternoon. “

The main reason is that Higuain stepped up and delivered it again. Inter Miami was on the verge of another disappointing result, but DP did what DP expected.

“He promised me he was going to win the game for us, and you take those comments with a pinch of salt, but then big players can do that,” Neville said. Told. “Gonzalo is a big player for us. Today I was really, really happy and proud of him. I know it’s a big moment for him, and I’m going home I’m looking forward to it. He hasn’t seen his wife and children for a long time.

“I’m giving him a vacation for the next few days to relax with his family. He’ll be a big player for us, a big player will stand up, and he’s done it so far this season came.”

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Gonzalo Higuain pushes past spiritual struggles to provide Inter Miami with decisive performance Gonzalo Higuain pushes past spiritual struggles to provide Inter Miami with decisive performance

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