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It’s Wednesday night … and you know what it means!

AEW Dynamite: New Year’s Smash Results
January 6, 2021

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The Young Bucks & SCU vs. Acclaimed & TH2

Of course, the match starts in chaos, but eventually Nick Jackson jumps into a mountain of men outside. Christopher Daniels tries to follow Arabian Moonsault, but Anthony Bowens blocks him and slams him into the ring. Jack Evans is in now and he’s starting to hit Christopher Daniels. Anthony Bowens jumps off the top and drops his elbows. Anhelico enters to lock Daniels’rear chin lock, but Daniels can reach the rope.

Bowens returns and goes behind Daniels, who can counter with a blue lightning bomb! Bucks is here and there is SUPERKICK PARTY! Nick and Matt seem to be superkicking everyone, Matt welcomes Jack Evans for Melzer driver, but instead Nick Jackson presses everyone outside Moonsault! Christopher Daniels won the best ever Moonsault press in combination with Melzer driver.

Winners: The Young Bucks & SCU

After the match, Kazarian rides on the microphone. He says they will be done as a tag team if they lose to move forward. But Christopher Daniels says they always have a back, unless the tag team championship is underway. And they want to face the best! They shake hands and end the segment.


Moxley comes out and people expect him to come and say that what happened on December 2nd may cause a storm. But this life is not fair and sometimes you end up with a bad end to the deal. But when that happens, you put your feet on the ground, stand firmly, and don’t recede an inch. But now, what to do with Kenny Omega and the guy he’s dating looks like a used car salesman. Because he is less tolerant of crap. So he wants to hunt down Kenny and beat him with a crowbar.

But tonight, the AEW World Championship is underway, and Phoenix has been working on his entire career to get there. Therefore, it is not his place to destroy the opportunities of others. But Kenny, Moxley will get more … and some. He is responsible and he will see through that commitment. He always has to look over his shoulder, one day he has to look into the devil’s eyes, and he will find that he has crossed the wrong man!

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Good Brothers Makes a Surprise AEW Dynamite Look To Reunite With The Elite Good Brothers Makes a Surprise AEW Dynamite Look To Reunite With The Elite

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