Good Life Switch Gameplay

Good life It was finally released this week on a variety of platforms, including Switch. There is a lot of gameplay now. A 30-minute video allows fans to see what a debt repayment RPG looks like on the console.

Welcome to Rainy Woods

Journalist Naomi Hayward is drowning in debt and is at the end of her rope. After accepting a request from the Morning Bell to “unravel the mystery of a small English town,” Naomi finds herself far away from her home in Rainey Woods, New York. As soon as she begins her investigation, Naomi, who picks up the camera, quickly discovers the mysterious phenomenon of the townspeople transforming into cats and dogs at dawn … and as she investigates that particular mystery, A murder happens … Join her when she’s trying to reveal the truth about Rainey Woods.

Solve mysteries like humans, cats and dogs!

Naomi herself will soon be able to transform into a cat or dog. Transform into a cat and gain the ability to jump, climb and explore the city. Or transform into a dog and use your keen sense of smell to track the townsfolk. Use your abilities as humans, cats, and dogs wisely to solve the mysteries and incidents you face more easily.

Take pictures to make money

As a journalist, Naomi can make money by taking pictures of Rainy Woods at the request of Morning Bell and the townsfolk. Also, if you can take popular photos on the social media site Flamingo and increase your followers, you may be able to make enough money to make life in this small town even easier.

Enjoy life in your new town

At Rainey Woods, if you have the money, you can enjoy a free and easy life. Grow vegetables in the garden, hone your cooking skills, explore the plains, share drinks with your townmates in a local pub … keep eating, get plenty of sleep, look good and clean Keep it and enjoy your daily life at Rainey. Woods.

Explore the vast and vast town of Rainey Woods

Rainy Woods has a variety of spots waiting for the event to take place. Explore the area around the town, unlock shrines and campgrounds, expand the field of mobility and enjoy a comfortable open world. Jumping on sheep and running around the hills is a lot of fun!

Check out the new gameplay The Good Life on Switch below.

The Good Life can be purchased from the Switch eShop. Includes English and Japanese options.

Good Life Switch Gameplay

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