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June 11, 2019; Eagan, Minnesota, USA; Minnesota Viking helmet sitting in the field of TCO Performance Center. Required Credits: Harrison Barden-USA TODAY Sports

From the reader’s suggestions, we’ll create a weekly “Snap Reaction” article detailing post-Minnesota Viking matches (in this case, Byweek and other NFL matches) and post-match thoughts and analysis.

It’s ready-to-use, just a little “random”, and hopefully insightful.

  1. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Chicago Bears 38-3. If you want the Viking to draft Justin Fields, that’s fine. But he is not yet. Minnesota’s 2021 season under Fields would have been disastrous. Of course, he still needs to develop for years. Still, the 2021 Vikings and Fields aren’t the right combination to kick in your head.
  2. Minnesota dominates second place in NFC North, thanks to Bears flatulence in Tampa. Not so, but the Viking vs. Bears game seems to be “easy” with the cruel rest of the schedule.But again, I rarely play against Chicago. easy..
  3. The Detroit Lions have adopted a number of tricks against the Los Angeles Rams. You have nothing to lose, so look for a bunch of Dan Campbells to try the voodoo against Minnesota in the 13th week. It’s like going together to beat your opponent on the road at the end of the game. Playing against Lions in six weeks is another non-ruthless game with the rest of the Vikings dockets.
  4. Increasingly, I feel that the only way Minnesota can beat NFC North is to defeat the Green Bay Packers twice. They play in Green Bay in Weeks 11 and 17. The Vikings haven’t beat the Packers twice during the season since 2017 (mainly in the absence of Rogers). Rogers’s Minnesota defeated Green Bay only once a season and twice in 2009.
  5. Expect Patrick Jones II to trade his playing time with Stephen Weatherly to Denver Broncos.By default, Jones is mostly Have Check at least 20% of rotation protection snaps.
  6. If general manager Rick Spielman doesn’t trade anymore, Harrison Hand will probably spend more time playing three games against Patrick Peterson. To date, Hand is like a gamer. Let’s see if the second year of the hand will continue.
  7. Minnesota needs a good version of the ambitious Bashod Breeland in Peterson’s next three games. Required for the next three batches of opposite wide receivers.
  8. Former Viking Taylor Heinicke is fun to watch most of the time, but his flatout is a mediocre quarterback. He will be back in QB2 by 2022 or the beginning of it.
  9. The Atlanta Falcons quietly holds the same record as the Vikings.
  10. The Viking victory over Carolina last week is less impressive after the Carolina Panthers barely scored against the otherwise low New York Giants.
  11. Conversely, Cincinnati Bengals is 5-2 and genuine.Crushing Ravens in Baltimore was the ultimate saying Statement victory.. Minnesota lost to a very good soccer team in the first week.
  12. Perhaps Kansas City Chiefs are simply not very good. We continue to wait for them to correct the ship, but their attacks and defenses are not good. Like the Seattle Seahawks, they could be at the forefront of the lost season. However, since Mahomes is in charge, I find it ridiculous to announce the funeral. who knows.

Dustin Baker is a political scientist who graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2007.Hello Host a podcast Broadcast every Wednesday with Brian McKinney Round saw When Minneapolis Sally.. His Viking fandom dates back to 1996. The guilty pleasures listed: Peanut Butter Ice Cream, “The Sopranos”, and The Doors (Band).

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Goodbye and snap reaction for the Viking after the 7th week game Goodbye and snap reaction for the Viking after the 7th week game

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