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Google announces eco-update sweep

Google has introduced a number of new environmentally friendly updates, including more sustainable travel routes using maps.

Google is working on an eco-footprint as it recently announced several more environmentally friendly methods with the goal of becoming a more environmentally friendly ecosystem.

The company Official blog New eco-friendly options with a focus on more sustainable travel options Use Google Maps..

Eco-friendly routing on the map is currently in place in the United States. Insights from AI and the US Department of Energy’s National Institute of Renewable Energy will help you choose the most sustainable route.

This feature will be available in Europe and elsewhere next year, but for now, US users can see the difference between the fastest and most fuel efficient routes, saving fuel costs and emitting carbon dioxide. Provides options to reduce.

Light navigation for cyclists is coming soon. This allows cyclists to see important route details and updates without having to enter turn-by-turn navigation. This should help encourage more people to ride a bicycle than to ride a car.

This is also happening with shared information on bicycles and scooters. Now that we can share information in more than 300 cities, we want to encourage more people to share information and enthusiasm about bikes and scooters.

You can find nearby stations to pinpoint the number of vehicles available in cities such as Berlin and Newyork. You can also find a place to park when your trip is over.

Apart from Google Maps, Google has partnered with energy providers to provide valuable insights and feedback to Nest Renew, a service designed to address climate change.

Energy providers affiliated with Google are AES, Consumers Energy, Duke Energy, NRG, Portland General Electric, Southern California Edison and Southern Company.

Through Nest Renew, energy providers will have more opportunities to engage with consumers and increase their enrollment in the Rush Hour Rewards Program. This allows customers to earn rewards when they consume less energy.

You can learn more about Partnership with Google Energy Provider Also, click on the previous link to see how the company is currently partnering with Clean Energy Match to support the growth of Clean Energy.

Google announces eco-update sweep Google announces eco-update sweep

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