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Google announces new dynamic exclusion list

To make your brand more secure on the web, Google today announced the addition of a dynamic exclusion list to help advertisers simplify the management of negative placements.

What is a dynamic exclusion list?

Dynamic exclusion lists are placement exclusion lists that are dynamically updated to simplify deployment management. This feature allows advertisers to opt in to third-party listings and automatically update exclusions for ongoing brand protection.


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The dynamic exclusion list can include web pages or the entire domain and can be uploaded in a variety of formats.

How exactly is this different from the existing exclusion list?

Advertisers can now maintain their own exclusion list and update it at their convenience. Dynamic exclusion lists allow advertisers to leverage the expertise of third parties that maintain exclusion lists, such as advocacy organizations and industry groups.

Once the dynamic exclusion list is uploaded to your Google Ads account, advertisers can schedule the list and automatically update it with domains and web pages added by owners such as third-party groups and agencies. I will.


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This means that advertisers can use lists managed by third parties without having to update the list itself.

Dynamic exclusion list use case

One of the main benefits is brand safety, as these lists are uploaded and shared together. The purpose of these lists is to protect advertisers from running ads with content that doesn’t match your brand.

It is worth noting that advertisers will benefit from more personalized performance-based exclusions in addition to brand safety exclusions.

The advantage is that advertisers can work with large organizations and industry groups to protect their brand.

For example, in early 2021, we might suspend our campaign for fear of seeing ads next to content that advertisers didn’t want to recommend. Google advertisers have long had content exclusion options, but there are still concerns about how display campaigns should be treated. These dynamic exclusion lists allow for a centralized list of articles that reference a particular topic, helping advertisers navigate such events. More generally, you can work with organizations and partners that advertisers support to identify a list of unsupported pages and sites and prevent ads from appearing on those sites. ..


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Advertisers are encouraged to continue to use additional controls within their campaigns, such as content exclusions and topic exclusions, to prevent ads from serving near content that may not be suitable for your brand or goal. I recommend it.

Is there a limit to the number of dynamic exclusion lists that my account can use at one time?

Your account can contain up to 20 shared exclusion lists with tens of thousands of URLs and domains per list.

When will the dynamic exclusion list appear in my account?

Details of the implementation haven’t been announced yet, but Google says the feature will be available to all users in the coming weeks.


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Google announces new dynamic exclusion list Google announces new dynamic exclusion list

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