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Google Pixel 6 Pro Review: Early Hands-on


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The Pixel 6 Pro is Google’s first true high-end phone and, at least in paper, seems to be one of the most interesting Android devices coming out this year.

The way to free for both Pixel 6 When Pixel 6 Pro It was interesting, to say the least. Following the first batch of leaks showing Google’s design focus switch, the search giant himself announced the existence of the phone in August, confirming the updated look and the tensor chipset it designed itself. bottom.

A few months later, more leaks occurred, and all the details about Google’s new device, including camera specifications, battery size, etc., were finally complete. A full review of the Google Pixel 6 Pro has to wait, but here are some practical ideas after a few days of use.

Design and screen

  • Completely new design
  • 3 color options
  • 120Hz 6.7 inch OLED panel

With an impressive camera “visor,” interesting color combinations, and a classy overall feel, the Pixel 6 Pro is the most interesting smartphone Google has ever released.Previous Pixel smartphones Pixel 5 The Pixel 6 Pro has always focused on simplicity, but we’re working hard to make a statement.

This Stormy Black version doesn’t convey this statement either, but choosing Sorta Sunny in different shades of orange will give you a phone with a very unique look.

The back of the device has a glossy finish that makes it easy to pick up fingerprints, but the sides of the phone and the display are curved from each other. I was initially worried that the curve on the display might be a bit too dramatic, but it’s not. It simply slopes gently at the edges.There is certainly a Samsung hint about the design, and the color scheme here is for me Galaxy S20 Ultra..

Pixel 6 Pro IP68 Ratings to protect the device from splashes, and the back of the glass allow wireless charging.

When it comes to the display, the 6 Pro easily outperforms its little siblings with its 120Hz adaptive panel and larger 6.7-inch size. The resolution of QHD + is also sharp. For the first time, Google has also added an in-display fingerprint sensor for secure unlocking. This is the only form of biometric unlock available.

The first impression on the screen is positive. It’s sharp, colorful, and punchy.Usage OLED, A staple of previous Pixel smartphones and should also be useful for push HDR Further performance.

Performance and battery life

  • Equipped with Tensor chipset
  • 12GB RAM, 512GB storage tier in some areas
  • 5000mAh battery and Qi fast charging

The Pixel 6 Pro doesn’t use the Qualcomm chip like all previous Google handset. In fact, this device doesn’t use the chipsets previously seen on the phone.Instead, Pixel 6 has Google’s own Tensor SoC (System on chip).

Some previous leaks tensor Made by Samsung to Google’s design, the structure is similar to the Exynos chip. However, it also has elements that have been seen on Google phones for many years, such as a focus on AI and ML (machine learning).

Tensor has given Google deeper control over the Pixel 6 Pro and has already confirmed a leak that both new 2021 Pixel 6 phones will receive a five-year security update. Next to the Tensor chip is the Titan M2 coprocessor, which covers all the security aspects of the phone.

You’ll spend more time on your phone to identify comparable rivals and measure how the Tensor works on a daily basis. But I’m already excited about that possibility. As with live dictation and translation improvements, many of the phone’s camera features are made possible by Tensor. It feels like the vast majority of phones are getting fast enough, but it makes skills other than pure performance more interesting.

Paired with the Tensor is 12GB of RAM (most included on Pixel smartphones) and 128GB or 256GB of UFS 3.1 storage. In some regions, 512GB models are also displayed. As with Pixel smartphones, scalable storage is not an option, so choose wisely unless you rely on the cloud.

It’s too early to determine battery life, so we’ll focus on the specifications here. Inside the Pixel 6 Pro is a 5000mAh battery that supports 30W charging. However, Google doesn’t include a charger, so you’ll need to provide your own plug.

Pick up a Pixel 6 Pro camera

Google says it will go from 0 to 50% in 30 minutes with its own 30W plug. There is also a new wireless Pixel Stand that can be charged at 23W. This is also purchased separately.

Android 12 This is a major software update. And for the first time, it feels like it’s been tuned specifically for Pixel smartphones. First unveiled at Google I / O in May, the Material You theme engine gives you deeper customization of accent colors and icons to give you much more control over the look of your phone. There are also new widgets, including a quirky clock that I’m a big fan of. I wish I had more of these new widgets.


  • Triple camera system on the back
  • f / 1.85 new 50MP main sensor
  • 11.1 Updated MP SELPHY camera

Pixel smartphones are as good as cameras, and there’s a lot of excitement in this regard.

On the back of the Pixel 6 Pro are three cameras, including a telephoto lens not included with the Pixel 6. 50 megapixel main wide sensor (1.2 μpixel, f / 1.85, 1/13 inch sensor), ultra wide megapixel with 12-114 degree field of view, and 4x optical zoom (and 20x SuperRes) 48 megapixel sensor capable of digital zoom).

Pixel 6 Pro camera

There are a few things to note here. First of all, it’s great that the old 12-megapixel sensor is finally gone and a much larger pixel unit is adopted. This allows for a fair amount of light, 150% more than the Pixel 5 according to Google, and a beautiful natural depth of field effect. It’s also the first Pixel device to offer a suitable zoom camera. This is what I have been demanding for many years.

These hardware features work in tandem with a number of new software adjustments that leverage Google’s superior photo processing algorithms and Tensor chips. For example, there are magic erasers that use AI to remove unwanted extra parts from snaps, and blur tools that try to add a sense of movement to shots such as waterfalls and car movements.

Google’s excellent low-light mode is back, and the Pro model has a great wide-angle 11.1 megapixel front camera, starting with the 8-megapixel version of the smaller Pixel 6. This can also be recorded in 4K.

There are many things I like about the Pixel 6 Pro’s camera, and upgrades are definitely welcome. Stay tuned as we plan to test the sensor in much more detail for a complete review.

First impression

It takes more time to actually see the benefits of the Pixel 6 Pro. But with a little use of the phone, things are getting better. With Tensor, a new camera sensor, and an interesting design, this could be Google’s first mainstream hit.

Pixel 6 Pro Specifications

If you want to know all the specs of the Pixel 6 Pro, you’ve come to the right place

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Rear camera

Front camera


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Google Pixel 6 Pro Review: Early Hands-on Google Pixel 6 Pro Review: Early Hands-on

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