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Google Pixel Fall Launch: Everything announced, from new smartphones to many AI features and more

Source: Ara Wagoner / Android Central

Google went up to the virtual stage on Tuesday and launched the long-awaited launch Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, Officials many of the rumors and leaks we’ve seen about the device. But the event wasn’t just about the phone. It was about the hardware that powers the device and the set of experiences that come from new software and AI capabilities.

Google even announced some very impressive features and some new accessories during its launch. A lot of things were happening, but this was the most important announcement Google made, some of which weren’t actually spoken during the live stream.

Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro

Of course, the Pixel 6 series stole the show. After all, these devices represent a major redesign for Google from bland to bold. The smartphone features an upgraded camera with a 50MP primary sensor, 12MP ultra-wide, and an additional 48MP telephoto lens on the Pixel 6 Pro.

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The device has pretty impressive hardware and impressive colors. The standard Pixel 6 only comes with a 90Hz display, but the Pixel 6 Pro does Best android phone..Still, thanks to you should expect a similar experience from both devices Android 12 And the new Google Tensor chip keeps things fast.

New standard

Google Pixel 6 Kinda Coral Render

Google Pixel 6

Strong and affordable

Google Pixel 6 is Google’s latest flagship, featuring a brand new design and an intelligent custom-built Tensor processor for smart AI capabilities across smartphones.

New best

Google Pixel 6 Pro Cloudy White Rendering

Google Pixel 6 Pro

Up close personal

The new Pixel 6 Pro is Google’s best smartphone ever, thanks to its smooth 120Hz display, powerful Tensor chip, and versatile triple camera setup that allows you to really get closer to action without sacrificing quality.

Google tensor

Google Tensor Official

Source: Google

Pixels was the protagonist of the show, but much of the story revolved around new things. tensor Chips that power them. Google hinted at its features earlier this summer, but now it’s better to see what it can do.

Thanks to on-device AI processing, the Tensor chip brings impressive voice recognition capabilities to Pixel 6 smartphones. This allows you to reduce power consumption while using certain features such as voice dictation much faster than before. It also means that your data is kept secure on your device thanks to the Titan M2 security chip that Google has paired with Tensor.

New AI stuff

Google Pixel6 live translation message

Source: Google

Google announces Some new features It takes advantage of AI processing on the device of the Tensor chip. Live translation is an important feature that brings live translations faster and better in apps such as the Google Assistant’s interpreter mode, and integrates live translations into your messaging app for better communication.

Calls have been improved with several new features that make it easier to navigate automatic menus, check for short latency, and collect crowdsourced caller ID information.

Finally, the images are backed by new AI features. NS Magic eraser We’re happy to say that this will eventually join the Pixel lineup, allowing users to remove unsightly or messy elements from their images. Other features include motion mode and real-time HDR processing of video.

New Pixel stand, accessories

Official case of Google Pixel 6

Source: Google

Google didn’t actually announce this, Second generation pixel stand I can’t buy it yet, but it has landed on the Google store. It features up to 23W wireless charging, or 15W charging to other Qi-enabled devices, and 3W for wearables. There is also an adjustable cooling fan to keep the device from getting too hot.

The Pixel Stand isn’t available yet, but it’s coming soon.

Google also emphasizes Many cases We accept pre-orders that complement the phone design, but if they don’t tickle your fantasies, you can also check out some summaries. The best Google Pixel 6 case..

Smart wireless charging

Google Pixel Stand 2nd Generation Rendering

Pixel stand (2nd generation)

Turn your smartphone into a smart display

The new Pixel Stand is the perfect companion for the Pixel 6 thanks to its fast wireless charging capabilities and smartly adjustable cooling fan. In addition to smartphones, you can also charge Qi-compatible Pixel Buds.

Android 12

Google had already graduated from beta earlier this month, so it didn’t actually announce it either. However, Android 12 is finally here With older Pixel smartphones, if you want to keep your device for a while before upgrading, Material You and many new features will make you feel totally new.

To start the update, go to Settings> About Phone> System Update..

Pixel path

Another thing that wasn’t mentioned Pixel path.. This is Pixel 6 and YouTube Premium, Play Pass, Google One, Google Fi service. It starts at just $ 45 a month and includes device protection.

Some carriers already offer Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro at great prices, but if you’re using Google Fi, especially if you plan to upgrade your smartphone every two years, you can do this. It’s worth considering.

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Google Pixel Fall Launch: Everything announced, from new smartphones to many AI features and more Google Pixel Fall Launch: Everything announced, from new smartphones to many AI features and more

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