Google services down: Gmail, YouTube, Pokemon Go, etc. are offline [Update: Seemingly Fixed]

Google services seem to be back online. IGN now has access to Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, and Pokemon Go. Google reports that all services are back online. Google has not yet commented on the cause of the problem. Google seems to be suffering a major outage now, with YouTube, Gmail, Stadia, Google Play, etc. all offline. It seems that connection services such as Pokemon GO are also down. Google search doesn’t seem to be affected at the time of writing.

All Google services tested by IGN are currently returning unspecified 500 errors. IGN’s sister site, Down Detector, is showing a surge in outage reports on YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive, Stadia and more. These reports come from both the United States and the United Kingdom, indicating that this is a seemingly global issue.

This issue may be specifically related to your Google account. This is because YouTube works even if the user is not logged in. You can continue to access it using the secret window.

Services connected to Google also seem to be suffering. Pokemon GO seems to be the victim of the outage, and reports are skyrocketing.When I try to log in to the game, I currently get an error-although this may only be related to account issues.. Several users, including IGN staff, and Discord have reported failed connections. [Update: Discord appears to be back online, and the outage may have been unconnected]

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