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Google Store Adds “Subscriptions” Page: Report

Google Store, the digital store of technology giant Google, has added a page dedicated to “subscriptions”.

This page is currently not available in the Google Store in India.

The news website 9to5Google shares Google store information that says “Learn about Google subscriptions and services.” Take Google products with premium content, cloud storage, security features and more to the next level. ”

This page details the various subscriptions to the services offered by Google. Subscriptions fall into the categories of shows and music, games, storage and security, and phone plans.

The Shows & Music category includes subscriptions to YouTube TV, YouTube Premium, and YouTube Music Premium. YouTube Premium is one of the most popular subscriptions offered by tech giants.

According to 9to5Google, as of the third quarter of 2020, Google has 3 million YouTube customers subscribed to YouTube TV in the United States, with 30 million Premium / Music Premium subscribers.

Under the Games category, Google lists subscriptions for Google Stadia Pro and Google PlayPass.

Storage & Security includes Google One and Nest Aware. Following Google’s limited storage policy for services such as Google Photos, Google One could become more important to consumers next year.

Under the phone plan, Google followed the report and detailed Google Fi products.

Google Store Adds “Subscriptions” Page: Report Google Store Adds “Subscriptions” Page: Report

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