Google workers formally form a union

Google employees, after repeated collective action and demonstrations against management decisions, with the help of the organizers of the Communications Workers of America, a union group that works with telecommunications and media workers. I formed a minority union called Te.

Traditionally, when employees meet in a union in the United States, they have enough employees to petition their state or federal Labor Relations Commission (usually the National Labor Relations Board or NLRB) to hold elections. I have to recruit. If the employee organizer wins the vote in this election, they are approved by the board and the company and can come to the table to negotiate the contract. Named after Google’s parent company, the Alphabet Workers Union takes a slightly different approach to make organization more feasible in the technology industry, which is generally hostile to unions.

Instead of focusing on being able to negotiate, Alphabet Workers Union currently doesn’t even want to be officially recognized by Google. Contracts are not their priority. Instead, the union aims to serve as a stronger foundation for the activities that employees are already engaged in. Over the last two years, Google employees have protested and demonstrated against Google’s policies by becoming a minority union, and in addition. Google contract employees () can also participate. Workers who choose to join the union are provided with protection and resources, pay 1% of their income dues to support paid organizational staff, and are technically part of the CWA Local 1400.

It is not yet known how this organization will affect Google products and services like Google Stadia. On the one hand, employees are not pursuing more general union goals such as better wages and paid leave, while on the other hand they continue to pressure the company to ensure that workers comply with ethical standards. This can lead to increased tensions with executives.

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