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Google’s right to delay pixel folds – that’s why

Opinion: Foldables are now a trendy item for most tech companies. This is evident from Huawei’s announcement of the latest Mate Xs 2 in Milan within a week.

And don’t misunderstand me, I understand why. On paper, the device has many attractions.Folding mechanism seen in Galaxy Z Fold 3 When Huawei Mate Xs 2 Great on paper. Does anyone hate getting a tablet that can be turned into a tablet just by unfolding it?

Next is the clamshell form factor Motorola Razr When Galaxy Z Flip 3.. Sure, it’s not as cool as putting a tablet in your pocket, but many people love the idea of ​​having a smartphone that easily folds into the pocket form factor of skinny jeans.

That’s why I find myself completely confused by this week’s latest report, which suggests that Google has postponed the launch of its first foldable smartphone to next year at the earliest. But I was actually pretty relieved.

Korean technical site The Elec report An unnamed source to confirm that Google has postponed the first collapsible release – ⁠ called PixelFold or PixelNotepad, depending on the source of trust – ⁠ until next year. According to the report, this is because the hardware did not meet internal expectations.

For me, this is good for two reasons. First, you can see the first-generation Galaxy Z Fold fall apart in the hands of Max Parker, Trusted Reviews Editor, and make sure you don’t want to see history repeat itself with the legendary Pixel Fold.

However, the second major reason not included in the report comes from the experience of reviewing the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Based on my time on the phone, it’s clear that Android isn’t ready for a foldable phone in its current state. After checking out the Z Fold 3, Samsung did a great job with some optimization of Android, adding window mode and S-pen stylus shortcuts, but in reality, especially tablet mode seems like a compromised experience. felt.This is why our entries are so few The best foldable phone guide.

This is an issue highlighted on all recently reviewed Android tablets. Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra When Xiaomi Pad 5.. Google has been ignoring tablets for years. As a result, almost every app on the platform is optimized for the phone form factor. Unlike Apple iPad OSWell-known apps like Photoshop aren’t set up for big screens, and the feature set is significantly reduced compared to what you get on the iPad or Microsoft Surface.

Google promised to fix this Android 12L, Currently in beta and a customized version of the OS designed for tablets. but, Android 13 The first tablet on the horizon to be teased earlier this year Google I / O 2022 I can’t see the software compatible with regular tablets as there is no release date yet. Needless to say, it can be folded immediately.

As a result, if the report is true, I can’t help but think that Google made the right call, and mature the Android L variant on a regular tablet before putting it in an experimental form factor like foldable. It is wise to give them time to let them.

Google’s right to delay pixel folds – that’s why Google’s right to delay pixel folds – that’s why

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