Gorgeous Animal Crossing Switch is back in stock at Nintendo’s UK store

© Nintendo Life

The· Animal Crossing: New Horizons-Themed switches (as shown in the photo above) have been a particularly popular product since they were launched with the game in March this year. Throughout 2020, sporadic replenishments will emerge in different regions, making them difficult to obtain. It’s Britain’s turn today!

Available for pre-order now, a selection of Animal Crossing console bundles with this lovely coloring is available from the official Nintendo UK store. Check the options below. If you were anxious to get your mitt with this, the supply is limited and we will head to the website sooner rather than later.

According to Nintendo, these pre-orders will be shipped on Wednesday, December 9th, so there is no complete meltdown of postal services (Hey, 2020 was tough overall for deliverers — with the increase in holiday posts, you can never be sure!), Hopefully you should buy it in time for Christmas. result!

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Please let us know if you could get any of these Animal Crossing switches. I hope they sold the docks separately outside of Japan!

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