Gotham Knights has a “fresh and unique take” in Batman games

A writer for WB Games Montreal, a team working on Gotham Knights, said that open-world action RPGs have a “very fresh and unique take” in the familiar Batman game structure.

In a brief interview with the Las Vegas Review Journal, story designer and writer Mitch Dier states that Gotham Knights’ focus on characters other than Batman will make the game more familiar. Second, this should give the game a “fresh” and “unique” appealing feel.

“In this crucial aftermath of death, which is important to everyone, we have shifted our focus to these characters and the framework of this story is unique,” Dier said. “By giving this very fresh and unique perspective to the DC Universe, the DC Universe becomes friendly and immediately appealing to me in a satisfying way.”

Dier, who previously wrote the story of the dog fighting simulator Star Wars: Squadrons at EA Motive Studio, also briefly mentioned why he was attracted to Gotham Knights. It’s all summarized in the opportunity to play the other four prominent Batman characters.

“I was a fan of the project, so I was attracted to it. [when it was announced at DC FanDome in August 2020]”The idea of ​​playing four different characters in an open world in the environment where Bruce Wayne died is very appealing to me,” Dier said.

The official release date for Gotham Knights has not yet been set, but the game will be available this year on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S.

In other WB Games news, a note about job listings from publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment suggests plans to focus future games on some live service.

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