GOTY Contender Outer Wilds Get Echo of Eye Expansion

Astronaut sitting around a campfire playing a banjo in the wilderness outside-Echo of the eyes dlc

screenshot: Mobius Digital

Outer wild, First person space exploration game Beloved NS Everyone and also already Kotaku— And all other sentient beings on this planet — are expanding.It is called Eye echo, Will be released on September 28th. Developer Mobius Digital announced the news at the Annapurna Interactive showcase on Thursday.

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Rumors are swirling Outer wild Expanded in April.As report NS , Some people in the Steam database Outer wild Extension called Eye echo.. Therefore, a social media storm has begun. First, Annapurna Interactive tweeted the information with the “eye” emoji.Then the original Outer wild Writer Kelsey Beachum — Sparks, as long-time readers will remember All timer Kotaku Heading— Retweet the tweet four “Eye” pictogram.

It turns out that all the dizzying speculation ended in Bullseye.

what is it Eye echo about?

Mobius Digital is currently a mom about exactly what. Eye echo You will need. Today’s one-minute trailer is pretty vague, Outer wild— Giant’s Deep, Dark Dramble, Brattle Hollow, Timber Heart, and Hourglass Twins — orbiting the eclipsed yellow dwarf. That unmistakable jingle plays in the background. There is nothing else.

Nevertheless, the name of the extension may provide some indicators about the entire transaction.Well, there’s really no way to get inWithout turning hard into the spoiler territory.Let’s say that Outer wild It ends with a bang. And the eye is an important-essential, really-plot device for its ending. And it’s a little hard to imagine a follow-up. Basically, if you haven’t won the best games of 2019 yet, be sure to win.

Anyway, more Outer wild!! That’s good news. Bad news?Mobius says Eye echo The only planned extension of the game.

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