Grab a Yakuza: Now for $ 35 like a dragon

Yakuza: Like a dragon, it could be on the list of many candidates for the 2020 Game of the Year. Today, you can buy it for almost half the sale price.

On both Best Buy and Amazon, this yakuza franchise’s soft reboot takes place for $ 35, and there’s little excuse for not jumping straight into the adventures of the protagonist Ichiban and the company.

Both Xbox One and PS4 versions have free upgrades to their next generation versions. You can upgrade to the Xbox Series X and Series S versions as soon as you purchase the game, but you’ll have to wait until March 2021 for the PlayStation 5 version to become available.

A major change introduced by Like a Dragon is turn-based combat. This transforms the game from the roots of fighting games to something entirely new to the franchise. There is still an assortment of attractive characters and lost side activities, so if you’ve enjoyed the Yakuza series in the past, you’ll be at home.

Even if you aren’t, like the new hero of the dragon, and the fresh story makes it a great starting point. Like the Yakuza: Dragon review, editor Michael Hyam said, “Yakuza: Passing a torch like a dragon is a wonderful beloved franchise that proves it has a good relationship with Kasuga Ichiban. It’s an entry. “

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