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Grab your picnic basket, the party is moving out


Grab your picnic basket, the party is moving out

Shincare Garden in Kerarapon, Karen, Nairobi. Photo | Diana Ngira | NMG


  • A picnic may sound like the old fashioned way, but it’s a place where families can unpack food platters, drink bottles, wireless speakers, domino boxes and have fun without worrying about the coronavirus. There are many.

Speakers blow up the rumba soundtrack, a man marinated a goat with soy sauce near the grill, put potato chips and peanuts on a plate, and a crowd of nine talk, laugh, dance a few steps from the conversation, shake a mask. I will lower the chin. At Covid-19 times, indoor parties are no longer safe, but there’s plenty of outdoor space for Christmas gatherings.

A picnic may sound like the old fashioned way, but it’s a place where families can unpack food platters, drink bottles, wireless speakers, domino boxes and have fun without worrying about the coronavirus. There are many.

Shinkare Garden

Sit in this garden, hidden in Kerarapon, Nairobi’s Karen, and you’ll only hear the chirping of birds and the sound of water dripping down the rocks. In the middle of this tranquility is a stone seat where people can host a picnic.

When Wilfred Samoire was designing the Sinkale Gardens, he was keen on maintaining its original shape. There are more than 200 trees in the garden, the oldest being over 70 years old. Along the river, he planted a combination of bright flowers and fascinated more than 150 species of birds.

Picnics can carry food, games, drinks and hire a barbecue grill.

“We charge Sh500 per person and Sh2,000 for campers,” Samovar said, adding that he reduced the number of people to comply with Covid-19 regulations. Unlike other picnic sites, Sinkale is designed for dogs. “They were also quarantined so we can take them to play here,” says Samovar. He also trains dogs, day care for dogs, and pet sitters on the road.

There is a station for spoiling pets. There is a bathtub with hot water and grooming tools, and a kitchen where samovars and his team can prepare healthy meals for dogs.

Paradise Lost


Paradise Lost in Kiambu County, December 9, 2020. DIANANGILA | NMG

Paradise Lost’s manager, Alpha Mtana, has been a nature lover since childhood. He became obsessed with the outdoors and decided to study environmental protection at university.

“I wanted to create an inland resort just outside the city so that people could relax and interact in nature,” says Mutana. This was 20 years ago.

Today, Paradise Lost is a quiet, peaceful 54-acre land ideal for outdoor parties. Initially, the idea was difficult to market to landowners, as people were commercializing large parcels. “They are now grateful that the investment is paying off,” he says.

You can spread picnic shawls, tents and camps under tall trees to every corner of the available space. “People can bring food and camping equipment. They can also barbecue meat,” he says.

The park also boasts a variety of activities to keep visitors entertained.

Archer range, quad bike section, horseback riding, nature and cycling trails. Along the boundaries of the playground, there are flags of different countries. Perhaps put it there to test your knowledge of the flag while watching the kids play. In addition, there are man-made caves and waterfalls for boating and ziplining, and the clean water is steadily flowing into the dam.

Traffic to Paradise Lost increased significantly during the quarantine. As a result, the business exceeded the previous year.

Mutana and his team plant most of the trees, and many trees tell the story, from the death of Wangari Maathai to the inauguration of Barack Obama.

“We are currently planting 600 Covid-19 trees,” he says, and the oldest trees are over 150 years old.

Having a tree has increased the number of birds. Most recently, they were honored for witnessing the most bird species in an hour.

You don’t have to carry entertainment when you have a picnic. “Let’s enjoy the chirping of birds, the sound of waterfalls erupting, the buzz of trees swaying in the wind, and the sounds of others enjoying nature,” says Mutana.

Evergreen Park

ever green

Evergreen Park in Kiambu County. Diana Ngira | NMG

It feels like a village. A large vegetable field with a large space with tents, a dam with boats, and a huge banana tree hanging full of fruits.

The former avocado plantation, Wafga Kungju, decided to turn it into a suburban park.

“We were looking for a cheap way to go out,” says the director. In 2003, they embarked on a journey to create a unique place of tranquility. There, I was able to sit and sunbathe in the warm sun, unobstructed by tall, unattractive buildings. They planted grass, trees, and flowers because the dam already exists. The result is 10 acres of beautiful green space and trees provide the long-awaited shade and fresh air.

One can bring packed food or cook / barbecue while there while the other family is engaged in activities such as cycling, boating and horseback riding. If you don’t want to spend time packing food, you can order from two restaurants in the park. A picnic will also tour the farm.

“Children play with the soil, see and touch the vegetables, and then choose the produce they want their parents to buy. For some, this is not a supermarket, but the first crop with food in the natural environment. It’s an interaction, “she says.

Imagine drinking cold beer and eating prey while fishing. “Morning and evening fishing is popular. There are tilapia, mudfish and black bass,” Wuff explains. As long as the fish population is naturally maintained, the fishery will be managed. If you have camping equipment, you can also camp here.

Wuff says the park was very popular with Indians. Known for their love for Korogas, they came here early in the morning to prepare, cook and stay with friends and family until the evening. At Covid-19, she has seen an increase in the number of visitors. “Many people have found that the outdoors are an ideal place for a hangout.”

A maximum of 1,000 visitors can visit on a normal weekend. This is a lot more than the time before the pandemic.

As Christmas approaches, they are ready to handle many.

“Fortunately for us, this area is large enough to accommodate a large number of people while observing measurements of social distance.”

Grab your picnic basket, the party is moving out Grab your picnic basket, the party is moving out

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