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Grace of the case: Howdens says we have to pay for their mistakes

I bought a remodeling flooring from Howdens Joinery in November 2019. This is equivalent to about 120m2.

Unfortunately, it turned out that the flooring wasn’t fitting properly-it was broken and damaged-and we notified Howdens of this in August 2020.

Following some before and after the company accused the installer, he sought an independent assessment that concluded that the underlay supplied by Howdens was incorrect and was actually laminated flooring.

Howdens says he is ready to offer only some of the new underlays and required flooring packs, even though most of the flooring is not suitable for reuse.

Howdens Howler: The customer was given the wrong flooring, but the company says he has to pay for it

To make matters worse, you have to remove all the top skirting boards and architrave, remove all the flooring, and pay for the additional flooring that Howdens does not provide. / Replace the skirting board and architrave, then redecorate it.

My wife and I were at a loss, the floor was completely cluttered, and the renovated dream family home was ruined. Is there anything else I can do? LK, via email

Grace Gausden, a consumer expert at This is Money, replied: Unfortunately, Howdens’ refurbishment of your home has become a master class of how to not treat your customers.

Initially, you estimate that you spent £ 5,000 on flooring and work at a retailer.

However, after it was installed, it became clear that the floor of your property was incorrect – there were large gaps and cracks while many joints broke and then fell apart.

After reporting the problem to Howdens (and initially trying to blame the installer), evaluation revealed that the underlay supplied was for laminated flooring, but the flooring ordered was made of vinyl. ..

Vinyl has a longer lifespan than laminates and is more durable overall, so it tends to be more expensive, but unless you’re a true expert, you won’t immediately notice the difference.

It is important that you have the correct underlay for the type of flooring you are looking for.

Grace of the case

In our weekly column, this highlights companies where Money consumer expert Grace Gausden addresses reader issues and is doing both the good and the bad.

Do you want her to investigate the problem or praise the company for doing that extra mile? contact:

The company said it would install a new underlay for free, but the free flooring packs were small. This means you have to pay for the rest and installation costs, which can cost thousands more.

However, Howdens only deals with merchants, so the big problem in your case is getting a family friend who is a builder to order the products for your home.

This is despite having to deal directly with the company at the time of purchase, pick what you need and go to order.

You insist on the builder because you say he wasn’t doing anything wrong and his only involvement was to help you buy the product while it was proposed I don’t want to start. He wasn’t wise to have been supplied with the wrong shitajiki.

I contacted Howdens because it seemed unfair to have to pay more work for your property because of the error.

Correspondingly, it sent a joiner to attend your home and look at the floor.

Following this, Howden’s Depot Manager says he has verbally offered to pay for 10 packs of underlay, 20 packs of flooring, the labor of a joiner, and subsequent flooring. That’s about £ 700.

This wasn’t all, but you were willing to accept the offer and swallow the extra expense, so I asked for this by email.

Evaluation revealed that the underlay Howden provided was for laminated flooring, not vinyl.

Evaluation revealed that the underlay Howden provided was for laminated flooring, not vinyl.

However, Howdens failed to include an offer for free work in the email. When I sent an email to confirm that it was included, it was updated and said it would not provide this.

I went back to Howdens and asked this question. At this point, there seemed to be a lack of communication overall.

Time also urged you and your pregnant wife to still live on a poor floor and there is no guarantee when this will be replaced.

On this occasion, after pressing, Howdens confirmed to me that it would actually cover all costs.

But the next day, the branch manager tells me that even if you admit that you sold the wrong product, you and the builder are responsible because you need to check the product before installing it. I did.

This was very frustrating as the company seems to be talking to me and you are splitting the story.

However, after many back and forth between me, Howdens, and you and your wife, it was finally confirmed in writing that Howdens agreed to bear all costs of the work. ..

This upcoming work will be completely removed and replaced at around £ 5,000, the original estimate.

This is good news, but it took me five months from the first email to me to the beginning of May until it was resolved, highlighting the poor quality of customer service I received.

A spokesperson for Howdens said: ‘I apologize for the difficulties Mr. K experienced and the service he received was below normal high standards. We agreed to bear the cost of his new flooring project.

“We apologize to Mr. K for the inconvenience and for taking the time to resolve this issue.”

You were somewhat floored on your experience at Howdens-I will stick to that word and keep in touch to make sure it will be floored on the newly agreed date.

Customers across the country have noticed that they can't buy online many times

Customers across the country have noticed that they can’t buy online many times

Hit and Miss: This Week’s Naughty and Nice List

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Lady: German reader Gwen contacted her British Bank for help, Nationwide..

She states: ‘I ordered online from fashion brand Radley for € 211. Yesterday I received an email from the company stating that my billing address did not match the record and my payment was refused.

“I have confirmed that I have not made any mistakes that I have not made. I called the whole country informing me that both payments were approved and that the funds were held” pending “. ..

“I wasn’t given any explanation or rational reason why this happened, but the only way to release the money was to send an email nationwide to provide Radley with the information he needed and release the money. Was told to request.

‘But this is the second time this has happened.

“In both cases, if you try to buy an item from a company you have never traded with, someone or something in the system will trigger a stop in connection with your payment request.

“National blame visa, visa blame Nationwide and each company blame my bank.

“In the meantime, I’m embarrassed and humiliated, with no money held in my account, a 42-minute phone bill from Germany to the UK, and no merchandise to show my trouble.”

This seemed like a recurring and frustrating problem for you, so I can contact the whole country and explain why this continued to happen and what can be done to prevent future embarrassment. I checked if it was.

Spokespersons across the country said: ‘I checked this case and the problem is that the system holds two different versions of the address linked to Mrs. M’s account and the payment was refused because the details did not match. It is considered.

“In this case, we can’t determine the specific reason why the seller refused to pay, but we did everything we could to prevent this issue from recurring in the future.

“We contacted Mrs. M and offered £ 75 of compensation she accepted. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Now that the issue has been resolved, you are free to order online.

hit: In a short but sweet email this week, reader Veronica praised the energy supplier. Eon Next..

She states: ‘I would like to inform you about the kind and thoughtful gestures currently being called by my energy provider, EonNext.

“I recently informed them about my husband’s death, and this morning I received some beautiful flowers and chocolates.

“What a wonderful gesture. I’m glad to see the human touch.” We apologize for the inconvenience. Please accept my sincere condolences.

It’s encouraging to hear that I received a really kind gesture from a supplier during such a difficult time.

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Grace of the case: Howdens says we have to pay for their mistakes Grace of the case: Howdens says we have to pay for their mistakes

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