Gran Turismo 7 postponed until 2022, Days Gone on PC

Gran Turismo 7 – Natural Delay (Photo: Sony)

The major PS5-only Gran Turismo 7 suffered a second delay as Sony stated that PS5 inventories “increased over the course of each month.”

News that PlayStation 5 is getting The next-generation VR headset was very surprising, but today there was other much more predictable Sony news. Gran Turismo 7 is late.

The series is notorious for not being released on time, and the new PlayStation 5 Limited Edition has already been postponed once later this year. But now that’s not happening either.

The news was first revealed in a GQ interview with PlayStation boss Jim Ryan, but he didn’t really say anything, instead PR officials blame the pandemic for a new delay. I made a short statement.

“GT7 is affected by COVID-related production challenges and will move from 2021 to 2022,” the statement said.

“This is a dynamic and changing situation as the pandemic is underway, and some important aspects of game production have slowed over the past few months. As soon as the GT7 release date becomes available, I will inform you of the details. “

Given the history of the series and the perfectionism of director Kazunori Yamauchi, there will be at least a few delays before the game finally ends, but that’s just the nature of the franchise.

The GQ interview touches on a few other themes, including the release dates of other PlayStation 5 limited editions, but nothing really.

Ryan suggests that there will be more PC versions of the PlayStation Limited Edition following last year’s Horizon Zero Dawn, but he doesn’t explicitly promise or indicate anything.

The intro of the interview specifically mentions “their big picture” and “Days Gone will be on the PC this spring,” which probably Ryan confirmed outside of the interview, or Sony. I told them later about it.

Ryan also talks about the current inventory issues on the PlayStation 5 and suggests that Sony is aiming to make the console more accessible by Christmas.

He also mentions his hope that supply will improve each month in the future, especially the UK’s significant increase in inventories last week. This is already felt at GAME and we hope it means the increase reported next month for all retailers. Is real.

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Gran Turismo 7 delayed until 2022, Days Gone coming to PC

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