Grand Theft Auto V lasted longer than the entire console generation

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Last generationLast generationLooking back on 2013-2020, the era of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

In 2020, one of the biggest video games on the planet Grand Theft Auto V.. In 2021, Rockstar will release an “extended and expanded” version of the game for next-generation consoles.

Grand Theft Auto V, For those who have forgotten, it was first released on Xbox 360 and PS3 in September 2013. It didn’t reach PS4 and Xbox One until 2014.

wait a minute. A single video game released before the release of PS4 and Xbox One is culturally relevant and commercially successful throughout the life of these consoles and will be released on PS5 and Xbox. And you can see a longer storage life. Series X.

To let you know how long ago it was, the game was released in a trailer that talked about America’s recovery attempts. Last There was a financial crisis, and then had time to have something else. Other games on the September 2013 bestseller list are: Diablo III, Disney Infinity And Saints Row IV..

Or what about some other Shenanigan over time? Three main lines were seen in the PlayStation 2 generation 5 years Grand Theft Auto The game released on it.Since then San Andreas’ With the 2004 release, there are only two new ones. Grand Theft Auto Games released in 16 years.. Two of PlayStation 3 and None On PlayStation 4.

Of course, there are several good reasons for this slowdown. Development costs and timeframes have exploded with the technical capabilities of the new console. That is, it is impossible to release. GTA Games that are as close to each other as they once were.Then there is the fact Red Dead Redemption The game consumed a large amount of its own resources that rock stars didn’t have to worry about in the PS2 era.

The biggest reason we don’t have a new one Grand Theft Auto The games since 2013 are Rock Star and Take Two. No need to release, no need to release. GTA online I will continue to make money.

One game that lasts for seven years (and counts!) Is impressive, isn’t it? In a sense, certainly, but also not really! There are a lot of terrible things here. Rockstar’s crunch culture sounds like hell to the developers who are actually creating these games., And not jacked for those of us GTA online Economy It’s a pity we couldn’t see the new city / period Grand Theft Auto A game for almost 10 years.

Technically it wasn’t a game of this past generation, Grand Theft Auto V Slow The transition from a single-player experience to an online playground full of microtransactions is one of the most prominent examples of how the video gaming industry has changed its way of doing things. Its products and customers, PS4 / Xbox One years.

Few good ones..

Who knows when we see Grand Theft Auto VI.. But whenever it is inevitably announced, there is one certainty. Grand Theft Auto V Longevity and online success mean that the series will never be the same again.

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