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Grant Dawson I’m still going to win his ranked opponent by the end of the year.

Dawson (17-1 MMA, 5-0 UFC) who was to face the top 15 lightweights Diego Ferreira On October 2nd, Ferreira gained a new opponent and a new date after being forced to withdraw due to an injury. 27-year-old Glory MMA fighter faces now Ricky Glen At UFC Fight Night 196 on October 23rd.

There is no number next to Glen (22-6-1 MMA, 4-3 UFC), but Dawson explains he wasn’t willing to wait for Ferreira (17-4 MMA, 8-4 UFC). But if he crosses Glen, he’s still planning to meet him.

“They originally intended to rebook us on November 13, but Diego said he needed more time and wanted to fight in December,” Dawson told MMA Junkie. “I can’t wait until December. I’ll feed my puppy. I have a girlfriend. I just bought a new house. I need to fight. I want to keep going. I want to fight. I like, I like to fight, I want to fight. If I don’t have any injuries to Richard Glen, I’ll call Diego in December soon. As far as I know, he’s still interested in fighting, I I’m still interested in fighting, and when you have two players who are interested in fighting, there’s really no reason not to do that, so my thinking process is to defeat Richard and then call Diego. , To win Diego in December. “

He continued. “My goal is to win three fights this year. I won’t leave Las Vegas until Dana. After fighting Richard, I definitely want to fight again this year, so fight in December Can talk about. “

Remove the buzzer beater “Night performance” knockout Beyond the previously undefeated Leonardo Santos, Dawson is more confident. However, a graduate of the Contender series knows that Glen is a tough outing that has grown up as a weak man before, and he doesn’t downplay him.

“He’s one of those you can’t underestimate,” Dawson said. “I’m a big fan of Gavin Tucker. I think Gavin Tucker is one of the best in the category. He lost to Dan Ige’s other very good fighter. I think he gave him a hype to Ricky, I think he fought a stupid fight, I definitely think he’s a better fighter, but that’s what it is Is there?

“Our gym has the saying,” You can look down on your opponent, but don’t look down on the game. Otherwise, the game will look down on you. ” So I definitely raise my hand in this fight and turn my chin down. But I know I’m a better fighter. That’s fine because I know it’s the best fighter of all. I put my elbows on him, put him down, hit him, he can give up or ring his ass for 15 minutes. “

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Grant Dawson wants Diego Ferreira to beat Ricky Glen and rebook Grant Dawson wants Diego Ferreira to beat Ricky Glen and rebook

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