Gravity games do not offer 19 switch titles for free (North America)

Image: No gravity game

We’ve seen developers and publishers race to the bottom at SwitcheShop prices, effectively letting go of the game.Then we saw the promotion we have actually Offering games for free, No Gravity Games is the latest to dive into that approach during this festive season.

This is all North American accounts only, It’s not happening in European e-shops.

First of all, we encourage people to sign up for the newsletter on this page. Pirates: All on board! To get it; sign up and you’ll be emailed the game code.

If you own it, you will receive an Advent calendar style giveaway from December 1st. As with similar promotions run by other publishers, being the owner of one game for that company means that a particular game is “free” for a short time (in this case once a day) in the eShop. Means that it will be displayed as. You can see all the details on this page.The first three games Creepy story, Star Horizon When Strike Force Kitty..

Interested users obviously have to request each on a particular day or lose a series of free games.

However, you need to be careful. If you forget to redeem one of the free titles, the rest of the titles will not be available. The next title in the event lineup will be available for free to users who have added the previous title to their account!

This giveaway will be held throughout the United States. Each title of the prize will also be greatly discounted. If you miss a day, don’t forget that you can always buy the latest games to continue your series of free titles.

As is often the case with this type of promotion, not all games are winners, but there is no doubt that some games will participate to collect them all.

If you plan to use this giveaway, please let us know in the comments.

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