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The NBA reportedly suspended Bucksguard Grayson Allen For one game on his Flagrant 2 Alex CarusoBy ESPN League insider Adrian Voinaroski.

Allen, a hard foul raped by Caruso, becomes a 27-year-old bullsguard. Suffering from a broken wrist It causes him to miss 6-8 weeks after surgery. Caruso and Billy Donovan haven’t suppressed how they feel about the foul after losing 94-90. Vulture Mamba scored 7 points, secured 8 rebounds and assisted 4 times in 24 minutes.

“The man just grabbed me from the sky,” Caruso said. Every ESPN.. “It’s a kind of bull–I don’t know what else I can do. I’m glad I didn’t get seriously injured right away.”

Donovan did not believe that Allen had maliciously fouled Caruso, but did not discuss the referee’s decision to rate Allen as a serious foul 2.

“Because Alex is in the air, and [Allen] He could have finished his career to defeat him that way, “Donovan said after the match on Friday. “He has this history. It was really dangerous to me — it was really dangerous. I hope the league will take a stern look at such things, because it really, really seriously hurt him. Because there is a possibility. “

Allen contributed 5 points, 3 boards and 1 steal before leaving for the first time in his career. Allen was also asked for his first serious foul of the season. This is the second such foul in his career since he was removed from the Summer League match in 2019 after he committed two serious fouls.

This was the first time Allen had been asked for a serious foul this season and it was the second such foul in his career.Allen cleared up what happened in his aftermath Discord channel After being seen Laughter On the bench.

“I’ve been watching on the half-court until he woke up until I saw if he was okay. Then when I returned to the bench, my teammates joked and laughed. I wasn’t laughing at the foul. Allen said in his defense. “It was very disappointing how it was done. I jumped to block it with my left hand, and when I was spinning, I didn’t throw him with my right hand I went to grab the ball. It was a really tough fall. I’m glad he was okay. If I knew he would fall that way and could play again, I wouldn’t play. “

Allen’s next play is when Milwaukee (30-19) plays the New York Knicks (23-24) on Friday.

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Grayson Allen Suspends on Alex Caruso’s Flagrant 2 Foul Grayson Allen Suspends on Alex Caruso’s Flagrant 2 Foul

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