Great 101 Kickstarter Rewards continue to face delays

Image: PlatinumGames

Wonderful 101: Remastered On Nintendo Switch and other current-generation platforms, there was an amazing (at that time) kickstarter campaign. This is also the first time PlatinumGames has published a game at its own expense. It’s great to see a very fun title in the limelight again, following its predecessor as a Wii U exclusive, but the issues with the Kickstarter campaign are protracted.

A key issue is related to the physical rewards that have endured many delays, especially given that the game has been released since May 2020. Yetee, who is responsible for most of the production and distribution of PlatinumGames today, has the remaining rewards and the status of updates sent to backers.

First of all, a few supporters do not seem to have received “Phase 1” rewards yet. This is probably because I didn’t fill out the confirmation form last December. These remaining rewards are currently being sent.

“Phase 2” products are clearly in various stages of preparation, some in production or awaiting final approval. The optimistic schedule for the following rewards is January, but may be delayed due to current logistical challenges in shipping and production.

  • Toy set
  • Platinum trophy
  • Full CD soundtrack
  • Wonderful mask
  • Button display case
  • Acrylic standy
  • Nice pendant
  • Vinyl record
  • Custom controller

Unfortunately, what is now called “Phase 2.5” seems to have a longer delay set. The comic, Wonder Red jacket and art book are currently unquoted, and Yetee has revealed that the art book has not yet completed its design and content.

We are actively working on comics and we are happy to share the details in future updates.

Since the base jacket supplier lost its original shipment, we are actively working on domestic production to avoid this. We will soon be able to share photos of this offer.

Art book design and layout is still in progress. I would like to introduce as much design, artwork and information as possible. We look forward to sharing more information about the development of this reward in future updates.

The initial scope of these rewards has not changed, but underestimates the complexity and nuances required to create rewards with due care. As development progresses, we will update the progress from time to time.

It’s certainly amazing that there are rewards that haven’t been fully finalized and designed two years after the campaign went live (March 2020). Hopefully the wait time will not be too long for those supporters.

There is no doubt that it was a Kickstarter campaign with many problems, and it seems that the most paid backers need to remain patient.

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