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Hello. Sackboy: A little over a week after the release of A Big Adventure, I wanted to share the news about online multiplayer * features.

Sackboy: I made the difficult decision to delay the full online multiplayer feature within A Big Adventure. The team has worked hard to make online the best experience for players. It takes a little more time to get the right understanding of online so that you can have the most fun with your friends and family.

Instead, online multiplayer capabilities will be available via patches by the end of 2020. (A PSN and internet connection account is required.) This patch also includes:

  • Cross-generation multiplayer for PS4 and PS5 users to play together
  • Game save transfer from PS4 to PS5 **

Even on the release date, you can enjoy Sackboy with your family at an offline couch cooperation party. A party of 2-4 players can play throughout the game, including a must-see co-op only level.

For those who want to take advantage of online multiplayer capabilities at launch, we understand that this is a shame and we appreciate your patience.

Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to celebrating the release of Sackboy: A Big Adventure next week.

* Online multiplayer requires internet and a PlayStation Plus subscription (sold separately, subscription fee will repeat until canceled).
** Sackboy: Available to players who choose to upgrade to the digital PS5 version of the game at no additional cost on the A Big Adventure on the PS4 console. To upgrade a qualifying PS4 disk copy, the player requires a PS5 console with a disk drive.

Online multiplayer comes to Sackboy: A Big Adventure later this year

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