Great Reversal Trial Chronicles Found on Taiwanese Rating Boards for PS4, Switch, and PC

List of Ace Attorney Chronicle It seems to reveal the existence of a collection of PlayStation 4, Switch, PC, and was found on the evaluation board in Taiwan.

As Gematsu found over the weekend, if it’s accurate, it’s in the collection Great reversal trial And Great Reversal Trial 2 Both were originally released in Japan ( Great Reversal Trial 1 & 2) For Nintendo 3DS in 2015 and 2017 respectively. According to Gematsu, the existence of the collection was previously mentioned in Capcom’s ransomware data breach in November, so the accuracy of the list is relied upon.

Great reversal trial The series is part of the previous Phoenix Light initiative Ace Attorney The series was set up as one of the ancestors of Phoenix in the 1800s, and only in these games, alongside renowned investigator Sherlock Holmes, working with great detectives, a series in both timely Japan. Ask to settle a new case and Victorian London. The spin-off also introduced a new “Joint Reasoning” mechanism. This allows Sherlock to quickly infer witnesses who must find flaws to support Holmes’ theory.

I haven’t heard formal confirmation from Capcom or if the collection will arrive here, so let’s take this information a little salty.For now, you can see the original Japanese launch trailer for the first game Ace Attorney Chronicle Less than.

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