Greedfall is coming with new content on PS5 and Xbox Series X

A The next generation version of Greedfall was announced by developer Spiders and publisher Focus Home Interactive. This version will be available on PS5 and Xbox Series X and will include additional content.

Greedfall is coming with new content on PS5 and Xbox Series X

Action RPG colonial set Greedfall It was released at the end of last year and now has over 1 million copies. Developer Spider and publisher Focus Home Interactive have announced that the title will come to Platform PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X with additional content.

Greedfall introduced the player to Theafradi Island and took on the role of Desarde. Their families are suffering from a mysterious illness, and adventures take them to TeerFradee to find a cure. However, the island is not uninhabited because the indigenous people of the island live there. It’s up to the player to see what the story will look like.

The title includes a very impressive set of RPG systems, from customizing everything from magical abilities to armor to the chance to organize your own party. In combat, combine traditional melee and gun options with magic spell selection to allow you to cast and use traditional weapons at the same time. If you want to know what we thought about this adventure to a new land, check out the GreedFall Review – an RPG with plenty of choices.

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