Green Man Gaming NewsRoundup- December 16, 2020

As we approach the peak of winter, the night approaches, the temperature plummets, ice appears in the windows, and cold frost remains in the air.

But that’s the reality. In the world of game news, it remains spicy and spicy at any time of the year. Come with us and dive into the Green Man Gaming News Roundup on December 16, 2020 to see the biggest story of the last two weeks.

Game Awards 2020

This year’s gaming industry celebration featured more awards, announcements, updates, and celebrities than even a champion stick shaker swinging a stick. See the article for an overview of all the announcements and all the big winners of the year.

Snow is coming to DiRT 5

In the latest patch for DiRT 5, Codemasters not only fixed the problem load and improved performance, but also included a free winter-themed update called Snow Limits. The pack includes a new race circuit named Ice Breaker, new coloring, snow weather options, wheel controller support and seasonal decorations by course designers.

GTA Online Cayo Perico Update Announced

The latest robbers added to GTA Online promise to be the largest ever. This rich playground on Cayo Perico Island is where you and up to three friends can get rich. Featuring a glamorous location and all the new music (including Dr. Dre), this robber can also be played solo. This is the first robber specially designed for solo performances.

New space jam game announced

Space Jam: A new Space Jam movie titled New Legacy is just around the corner, and new games are likely to come along with it. Drew Scanlon, a game producer and blinker, is working on a game that will be released for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members. It is currently in the early stages of design. If you have an idea, feel free to get it on the XBOX website.

Fortnite announces performance mode

I love Fortnite, but do you think it works a bit bad on older rigs? The new performance mode just announced for Fortnite is aimed at smoothing the experience. Currently, in alpha testing, this mode is designed to increase frame rates and reduce load times, and also has the ability to opt out of using high resolution textures to save hard drive space.

EA Aims for Codemasters

Codemasters is currently a popular company. Recently, there was news that Take-Two would offer to F1, DiRT, and Dizzy publishers, and EA seems to have turned to the company as well. They are reportedly offering higher bids than Take-Two, and while waiting for Take-Two to ask the Overlord publisher if they would offer higher bids, the ball will report on their It’s in court. What does this mean for the code master? You have to wait.

B-Wing Jumps into Star Wars: Squadron

Star Wars: Squadrons Update 4.0 has been released with two new Starfighters, new cosmetics. And a custom match, this last addition also brings it a server browser and a multiplayer lobby. For the new Starfighter, you can fly a tough TIE Defender and love the B-wing for your fans. It seems like the best time to return to space.

That’s all for today’s news. Visit the community forums to hear what’s happening in the game.

Green Man Gaming News Roundup – 16/12/2020

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