Green Tea Weight Loss: Does It Really Work Without Training and Diet?

Overweight people try everything they have at their disposal to lose extra weight. Overdose of green tea is one such thing. Despite the general belief that green tea helps with excess weight loss, it firmly suggests that the use of green tea, when used by obese individuals, helps to lose excess weight in meaningful amounts. There is no scientific evidence.

Nevertheless, as a shortcut to achieving ignorance, despair, or weight loss, or due to advertising on the internet or in the media, green tea is very large by some individuals who are overweight to achieve weight loss. It is being consumed. It’s not really known if overdose of green tea several times a day for weeks or months will have any adverse effects on the body, affecting the kidneys, liver and other organs.

As the popular meme says, only a few pounds of green tea in the kitchen can be reduced by consuming green tea for signs of weight loss, but not overweight! Most green teas aren’t very attractive to the taste anyway !!

In combination with other lifestyle changes, such as exercise and good sleep routines under the supervision of an appropriate professional, to achieve these weight loss goals in a scientific way and maintain the same in the long run, Want to try a healthy, balanced, low-calorie diet? !! !!

Maybe it’s time to ponder and wish you good luck!

Dr. Ravi Sanker Elkrapati

Senior Endocrinologist, Apollo Health City Jubilee Hills

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