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if Antoine Griezmann Proved to be an outstanding player in this week’s Spanish Super Cup semifinals and showpiece finals. None of us can claim that there was no prior notice.And only partially France The surge in international assists and goals in the last two games seems to have saved his season, and perhaps even his future. Barcelona..

Yes, that’s true: these two assists Lionel Messi Rolled Griezmann’s boots as if they were transplanted Luis Suarez The DNA there isn’t the two proud winners who seemed literally cursed for months, as if Barcelona’s Nos. 10 and 7 were symbiotic football brothers, but each other. Did not fully understand.

A man from Macon reminded me of one of the outstanding goals of his entire career. Granada Dive into the penalty area on Saturday UsmanudembeleA clean dink passes through the left instep, at a smaller angle than the Sahara Desert sand salesman, crushing the ball into a small gap. Rui Silva And his right post. It was obscene-in a good way.

Nevertheless, there was an even bigger warning that Griezmann would probably put his old club on, Real SociedadSword in Cordoba on Wednesday (Eastern Standard Time 2:50 pm, Live streaming on ESPN +) Then win the Seville Super Cup final in Barcelona real Madrid Or Athletic Bilbao.. Be patient and explain.

You see, Griezmann I love it Semifinals-I love piano tinkles like Paul McCartney, Hollywood loved sequels, and Popeye was a bit biased towards spinach. Griezmann has a big habit of creating a bit of solo sweetness or leading the team to victory with each semi (and often final).

Frankly, we probably expected the last few days to produce signs of warming up for something special. Let me explain the details.

Griesman has participated in and won the European Under 19 Championship, Under 20 World Cup, European Championship, World Cup, Champions League, Europa League, Copa del Rey and Spain semifinals. Super cup. And the fact is that he almost always produces. His record is excellent.At the pro level, it starts with a knock Croatia From the U19 Euro Semifinal (then win the final Spain) In 2010, it ends with a defeat in Barcelona’s 3-2 Super Cup semifinals. Atletico Madrid To Saudi Arabia This time last year.

In the meantime, Griezmann did the following: Won 2-0 and hid both goals Germany In the Euro 2016 semi-finals. Set up Samuel Umtiti, who won the 2018 World Cup semifinals BelgiumProvided support to Diego Costa Like Atleti knocked Arsenal From the 2018 Europa League semi-finals (Griezmann scored two goals in the final victory of the best player).It was Diego Simeone’s Atleti, not Pep Guardiola, who scored the decisive away goals in Munich. Bayern Munich, Played Madrid in the 2016 Champions League final. Defeated Madrid 2-1 in the 2017 Champions League semi-finals. Messi’s opening match was canceled with a 1-1 draw by Real Sociedad, who won against Barca in the 2014 Copa del Rey semi-finals. Atlético scored 2-1 home defeat to Barcelona in the 2017 Copa del Rey semifinals Kevin Gameiro On the away leg a week later (1-1).

And when it comes to the Blue Ribbon match (although missing a normal time penalty against Madrid in the 2016 Champions League final is a very painful subject for him, he is still on that roller coaster. He put a shootout penalty in the slot at night), scoring in the 2018 World Cup final in Croatia, winning that brace in the 2018 Europa League final and creating assists from it. Mario Mandzukic He defeated Atleti in the 2014 Spanish Super Cup against his rival Real.

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These are world-class stats that not only emphasize his talent and hunger, but also scream bold nerves.

So, given the immunity to this previous pressure, what’s wrong with him or his environment since he moved from Atletico to Barcelona in 2019? The central point is that Griezmann is chasing the golden image of El Dorado, which does not exist-in Camp Nou, pursuing something he perceived from a distance, but the reality can be radically different. Not only has it been proven, it’s time to accept him a huge amount of lost dreams.

When I met and interviewed him in the middle of his first season in Barcelona, ​​he raised some very influential subjects. First, he expected it to take a long time to settle down, and he wasn’t ashamed to mention it.

“I’m really shy and I usually don’t talk to others because of shyness,” he said. “I’m not the kind of person who starts a conversation because I’m too timid. It will improve over time. I noticed a change in my second year at Atleti. I said.” This is the player I want to be. . Be there! “

“When I play soccer, when I’m on the pitch, I do things that are natural to me. I don’t think much. For example, if I’m not doing well or I’m sad in my personal life, it reflects on the pitch. I will. “

If he was more confrontational, more ruthless, more planner and plotter than a man who cultivated serious effort and a good mood, then adapting to the shape he showed would be these The last few games would have been faster.

In that interview, he also said he was about to graduate from the highly scientific and geometrically challenging football skills he admired and suffered while playing against Barcelona during the Xavi era. I revealed my belief. Andres Iniesta, Neymar, David villa, With the peak of Dani Alves and Messi Sergio Busquets.. That El Dorado I mentioned.

“I didn’t leave Atleti to win the Champions League or increase trophies,” Griezmann said. “I came to Barcelona to learn a new style of play, a new philosophy. It was all about learning at a club that thinks football in different ways.”

Sadly for him, that era was gone by the time he arrived at Camp Nou.

Not only has the team itself declined significantly, but the very concept of position-owned football, the completely fine-tuned, difficult-to-play, brutal learning Guardiola Cruyff’s ideals have been abandoned. Griezmann seemed to be a very enthusiastic freshman who wanted to learn nuclear physics from a school that had just moved to brick laying and plastering.

Personally, he is working hard to repay his trust in Barcelona, ​​sometimes with inadequate coaching-Quique Setién and his staff set the necessary standards during their responsibilities. Drifting desperately-sometimes in the context of feeling his confidence completely shattered.



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Griezmann carries the terrible burden of being one of the best footballers. Probably some little Peter Pan of his outlook, probably timid and shy at the age of 29, but definitely full of abilities, a really decent man, desperately throwing an answer about A) Recreating his own best form, B) the best way to succeed in a successful partnership with the infamous and demanding, infamous Saturn Messi.

So here is Griezmann again with regard to Sir Alex Ferguson, who coined the phrase “soccer, hell of blood.” He played in a 4-3-3 formation that simply didn’t suit him when he first joined, spending decent chunks of the last two games on the left side (same as above), but suddenly he was at the highest level. Not only does it look playable, but because of his simply immeasurable work ethic, as if he were of great value to Ronald Koeman’s Barca.

Covering, tackling, pressing, opponent jokes, defensive diligence devoted to him at Atleti, everything else, like salt of raw wounds when the headlines aren’t clicked. did. The value of selfless, determined and ancillary work to assist the team after a few months was corroded by the idea of ​​”where are the goals and assistance you purchased?” And now? Griezmann’s presence in Barcelona Jordi Alba, Seamless with Dembele, fun with Messi, and confidently shines as you approach the goal. These extra elements of his game elevate him to something very close to the € 120 million worth of world champions that the Camp Nou club thought they were buying.

So it’s the semi-final week for Griezmann. again.

He has a decent record of scoring against his ex-club, but it’s probably skeptical if anyone on Cooman’s team plays as they had with a long spell the previous month. there is no, La Real It has the ability to knock them out and reduce this groovy resurrection story by Wednesday night.

As for the other two rivals, if Griezmann produced and progressed, he would be very much enjoying playing athletics and Madrid for years. Los Leones And Los Blancos He is two of the three most frequently played rivals, scoring 16 goals with 20 wins, 20 losses and 13 draws.

So my suggestion is that by Sunday night at the Cartuja Stadium in Seville, Griezmann could have been the force to lift Barcelona’s first trophy-it’s his calling card.That said, we have two fascinating semi-finals, all possible Basque finals, and possible Classico Barcelona’s final or first rematch against the Marcelino coach team since Asturias’ vibrant Valencia blew Blau Grana Away in the 2019 Copa del Rey final.

This promises to be a special week for Spanish football. Don’t miss it for whatever reason.

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Griezmann’s resurrection in Barcelona is in time for the Spanish Super Cup semifinals. Griezmann’s resurrection in Barcelona is in time for the Spanish Super Cup semifinals.

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