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Apply the details of your daily tasks to the mechanics of Whetstone, And you have recipes for a satisfying lifestyle as far as we are concerned.For this orderly puzzle game pleasant Focus on gaining momentum and a beautifully balanced sense of risk and reward.It’s also about killing monsters mainly It doesn’t translate directly into your real life, but they may be metaphors if you wish.

Basically, you’ll see a familiar grid of colorful monsters called “creeps”. To create a combo and navigate the screen, you need to follow a path through a beast of similar tones. A monster that can move both in the direction of the Cardinal and diagonally, much longer than initially displayed, thanks to factors such as the introduction of large and strong creatures and other modifiers such as rocks that block paths. Often you can trace the path of.

The fun of building chains and the flow of the game feel that the action is always dynamic, punchy and exciting, even for turn-based titles in nature. Powerful art and animation contribute to this, and while it’s well-drawn and perfect, its character design turns out to be familiar. En Vogue A kind of cartoon style, as seen on Cartoon Network.We’re not crazy about some music – one track called to remind us of the dreaded PS2 title Titan crashIt’s never fun to remember. Still, it’s all working, modern, and nothing but a complete clarification of what you’re doing.

End the turn next to the monster … let’s say anger The idea will see you being damaged, and as each level progresses you have (frankly, understandable) anger at your slaughter of their relatives more and more creep Will find. As the screen becomes more and more dangerous, get stuck and hunt out more and more monsters to get special items such as chests and keys to open crowns worn by powerful king enemies. You will be prompted. This is a smart application of risk and reward. Once you’ve achieved each level’s completion goal, for example, defeating a certain number or type of enemies, the most convenient way is to move away from the currently open exit. But it doesn’t deduct to you those bonuses you use between stages to replenish your debilitated health that you create items from blueprints, make useful bonuses, and don’t recover automatically ..

As you can probably see, much more is happening here than it first appears. Never shaken by its compelling simplicity, the introduction of new elements in Grindstone should dramatically change the approach to the challenge and ultimately take advantage of the benefits offered. There is another outfit to unlock, which gives you an in-game bonus, but the most important are the items mentioned above. Teleporting to any space or performing a powerful spin attack can change the course of the battle, but these boons will not be recharged until the end of the stage. Some boons need to consume resources to recover.

These resources are, well, Source The only real problem we had with Grindstone; they are quite a few and can feel a bit verbose. This is a solid reminder of the mobile origins of the game. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with mobile games, but it’s generally comfortable when the seams are a little less visible. We are also less enthusiastic about the progress gating behind collecting certain items. The requirements are not unreasonably strict, but nonetheless, contrary to the nature of the bohemian and friendly procedure, they disturbed the player and suddenly dropped the gate, “By the way, these options have no purpose. Did you? ” completely After all, it’s an option. “

However, Grindstone is absolutely, this is a very small issue. nail The most important thing about this kind of game is that the central mechanics of chaining enemies never go away. Taking into account the classic whetstones that allow you to switch colors in the middle of a combo, you often think that a turn is easy. Yes, sometimes there are situations where there is little meaningful movement, but as you get used to the weapons and it is better and more efficient to put waste on the waves after the waves of creep, spend these plans in advance.

There are many levels, each with a secondary purpose for additional replay value. It’s welcome to include boss battles that will further change the gameplay, but even without this well-tuned variety, Grindstone is still an outstanding endeavor. It’s a very accessible game. Challenge at the same time Unbelievably Friendly – ​​Launching the game allows you to go back directly to the last session, even at intermediate levels, for example.


With hypnosis and exhilarating central conceit, the Grindstone is a bit special, convincing of its shortcomings.Hopefully it won’t be rejected by the player because it’s a mobile port or is mistaken for a similar “match 3” game Candy crush – It’s not. Capybara’s action puzzle tactical game, a full-featured and elegantly designed experience, is a small wonder and highly recommended for all switch owners. Only a small amount of resource depletion disappoints it, but it’s easily tolerated when it’s so much fun to grind the seven-colored Shawarma from creep.We reverse that worn-out idiom and yours Yes For whetstones.

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