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The GRM driver made side-by-side contact at the start of the second lap. Today’s morning race, Spinned both Caruso’s Alpha and O’keeffe’s Renault.

O’keeffe started moving again and finished in 11th place, but Caruso hit a wall and was out of the race on the spot.

GRM is currently in the fight against time to prepare Valvoline-backed Alpha for the final race this afternoon.

Explaining the post-race collision, both drivers gave different views on who was responsible.

“Dylan tagged the back corner, so I was pushed into the fence pretty hard,” Caruso explained.

“They are trying to fix it for the next race, hopefully we can get out there. That’s a lot of damage, it’s basically everything behind the rear door. I We’ll see how it goes, it’s a lot of work. “

O’keeffe said he expected Caruso to give space to the braking area for the first corner after running up the front straight.

“It’s a shame for the team. I don’t want to see it happen. But after all, we’re racing and there will be seven cars from the same team on the grid.” Said the 2019 TCR Australian runner. up.

“We came out of the last two turns and ran him well. For those with Michael’s experience, we thought we would have surrounded the outside, so the first turn was inside. It was.

“I felt like he saw me. As soon as I entered the braking zone, he crossed in front of me.

“We spun, but unfortunately Michael’s car was seriously damaged. It’s very disappointing and feels to the Valvoline Alpha people.”

The final TCR race of the opening round will take place today at 3:30 pm local time and will be available live for free on

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GRM teammates are divided on conflict GRM teammates are divided on conflict

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