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Romain Grosjean We believe we can learn important lessons from the devastating crash in Bahrain last month. It starts because he didn’t faint because of the big influence.

The FIA ​​is investigating Grosjean’s huge crash on the first lap of the Bahrain Grand Prix following contact with Haas. Daniil Kvyat’s Alpha Tauri.

Grosjean’s chassis broke in two when it hit a guardrail above 53G. The barrier broke and his car ignited. Within 28 seconds of the crash, the driver was able to release himself and escape the blast.

In a video published on social media, Grosjean said that there are still some “gray areas” that go beyond exactly what happened in the crash. He said the fact that he did not faint, despite the severity of the impact, was crucial to his survival.

“”[In a] The impact of 60G should be unconscious, “he said. “You should lose consciousness in a few seconds.”

Grosjean explained earlier How he was afraid of his life when he struggled to escape from a burning car..

“You shouldn’t be as conscious as I am, and it saved my life. But when an accident happens, the helmet and headrest, safety, and the driver have a big impact because of the sensors in the brain. I want to be aware of everything, even if I give it, and understand what I can do to stay conscious. He has to. “

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Grosjean believes F1 can learn “more” lessons from the crash. “There is a lot we can learn from the incident. In my case, I am lucky to be alive, to be able to speak, and to remember everything.

How Grosjean’s helmet helped keep him alive in the crash of a fireball in Bahrain

“I don’t know if that’s good for me, but I remember everything. I think some gray areas from motorsport safety are already understood to some extent, and more. can do.”

Almost a month after the crash, Grosjean’s burned left hand is still bandaged. He states that recent innovations in safety technologies such as Halo, stronger chassis, and fireproof clothing are why his injuries did not get worse.

“No Halo – It’s not big news that I completely opposed Hello when I entered Formula 1. – I’m never here to talk to you. I think this was one of the biggest safety measures in the last few years.

“Overalls also had their fire resistance regulations changed this year and were raised in 10 seconds. According to the rules, I stayed in the flames for 28 seconds, suffered minor burns on my right hand and a little more severe burns on my left hand. I ran away.

“The strength of the chassis is improving every year and it’s united and the monocoque protected me. I was still able to escape and get out of the flames. If the chassis was broken, I would lose my legs. I wouldn’t have been able to get up and go out, whether it was or was broken. “

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Grosjean wants to understand why he didn’t faint in the crash of Bahrain-RaceFans Grosjean wants to understand why he didn’t faint in the crash of Bahrain-RaceFans

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