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To ground Like bubble helmets, you can create and survive a variety of materials that will help you survive in your backyard. Specifically, if you want to go swimming with a recent Koi Pond update, you may not know how to make an underwater helmet. Fortunately for you, our guide will tell you exactly how to get it and where to find all the resources you need.

How to put a bubble helmet ground

The new helmet helps improve the time to dive into carp ponds and underwater areas, allowing 180 seconds without air. To get a bubble helmet, you need to collect Silk Rope (4), Elgrass (4), and Sankenborn (5). If you don’t have a recipe, be sure to analyze the item first. In addition, you can use a spinning wheel to get silk rope, but other materials are in the carp pond.

Elgras is at the bottom of the carp pond. Swim and look for grassy spots on the bottom. If you find it, you will be able to harvest it with any tool that has a blade. When you reach at least four, return to the surface and swim.

To find the sunken bones, head to the tree and stand on one of the lily pads by the rock. Jump into the water and swim in the pond until you see the T-rex. There is a bubble station next to the T-rex so you don’t have to worry about running out of air. Search around the bottom of the bond in the soil for small white bones. If you find one, you can shovel it. To make a bubble helmet, you need to collect 5 of these.

If you collect all these materials together with 4 silk ropes, you can make a bubble helmet. This will give you more time to explore the depth of the carp pond.Why don’t you check some others before jumping in? ground guide:

Happy swimming!

Grounded Bubble Helmet | How to Get

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