Grounded continues to grow: over 5 million players jump into a brand new Koi Pond update

Today, the Obsidian Entertainment team has released the biggest one ground It is still updated and introduces players to a new biome, the underwater world of Koi Pond.

This new area of ​​the backyard brings new wildlife, new craft recipes, new mysteries, as well as underwater gameplay mechanics that allow players to go deeper than ever before.

Brave explorers navigating the depths of muddy ponds include tadpoles, water boatmen, diving bell spiders (did you know that certain spiders can swim ?!), awe-inspiring carp, and much more. Meet the creatures. In addition, players can create recipes such as slime lanterns, bone tridents, peblet daggers, and giltube rebreathers to increase their chances of survival in the pond. I can’t wait for players to jump in and check for new updates!

Obsidian and Xbox Game Studios are ecstatic to celebrate it Grounded’s The community has brought over 5 million players to the backyard. In other words, we were able to make money with the little bets we had. Watch Marcus Morgan from Xbox Game Studios show his dedication to the game and tattoo BURG.L, the precious little robot in the game. To help celebrate this important milestone, listen to senior artist Mitchroidle and art director Kazuarga providing a little more behind-the-scenes information about character production and design here.

That’s not all!

Today is the release date for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, so I felt it was a good time to remind me. ground Optimized for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in case you missed it when mentioned earlier here. In addition, Smart Delivery technology allows players to automatically upgrade to the best version of the game at no additional cost. ground Runs at 60fps on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, with full 4K support and improved drawing distance and shadow quality on the Xbox Series X, providing unmatched gameplay performance for next-generation console players. .. Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S users have improved graphics fidelity, improved load times, and HDR support.

ground Available for $ 29.99 on Xbox Game Preview, Xbox Game Pass, Windows 10 Store, and Steam Early Access.

Please see the official website for details.

Grounded Continues to Grow: Join Over 5 Million Players Diving into the All-New Koi Pond Update

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