Grounded gets “larger, slightly less frequent updates” in late June

Honey, I Shrunk Kids-style survivor game Grounded will no longer receive frequent updates. The developer, Obsidian Entertainment, has confirmed that the studio wants its energy to work on greater content reduction.

Obsidian has clarified on Grounded’s official website why “we will make larger, slightly less frequent updates in the future.” The studio says it’s difficult for a small team to release content every month while struggling with larger tasks. That’s why Obsidian focuses on “bigger features that take longer.”This shift made the studio “more meaningful” [updates] With better content, “said Obsidian.

The next Grounded update will be available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S in late June. Obsidian said, ” [the] It’s the biggest game ever, and gave an overview of some of the features that will appear when the update is released.

This allows players to flip assets such as stairs to create mirror versions, generate huge food items more often, and add an enhanced TAYZ.T defensive variant called ARC.R. In addition, the June update includes new features in the game’s photo mode and introduces more building parts.

More information on the update will be announced shortly, according to Obsidian.

Grounded is not the only game Obsidian is working on. The studio unveiled a first-person RPG Avowed during last year’s Xbox event. It’s unclear what will be on display with Halo Infinite, but Bethesda and Xbox will jointly host an E3 briefing on June 13th. Obsidian is a subsidiary of Xbox Game Studios, which developed Fallout: New Vegas, published by Bethesda.

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